Crabgrass is giving me reda&&!

Ok so we all hated buttercups in spring. I know how to kill those. I for some reason this yr have crabgrass allllll over my pasture, and my regular lawn, how do I end it!!??? (Without killing the normal grass and it being safe for mister fatty mcfatfat pony!)

It’s an annual. You need to prevent it in the spring.

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The smart butt in me really wants to go I did not see any in the spring mommmm!!! Lol but in the nicest possible way. I had pretty rye grass and regular grass coming back thru in the spring. I just noticed late june n went… hmm what are…why are…what the heell…omg noooo!!!

So what is safe in spring next yr to spray or put down in horse fields though? Everything I have googled seems like its for regular lawns.

All the horsey type web sites are just talking about how its the latest n greatest new free forage… except pony wears a mask and therefore isnt eating it…I’m doomed…dooooooommeedd!!!

I was gonna say, enjoy the free stuff. We are going to seed our new feild with it and some other kind of cooler weather grass. The horses love it, it’s practically indestructible including to overgrazing (why are my dry lots still pretty) and even our local extension office recommend it.

Otherwise pull it by hand. The husband spent a good hour doing that in our yard while I sipped my coffee. I know those plants are not going to leave without a fight…and they generally win.


There are different types of crabgrass. My horses won’t eat it by choice and it’s near impossible to get rid of. I’m thinking of spraying it with Quinclorac and planting bermudagrass. I believe it will probably kill my bahia grass, but at least I will get some pasture back.

I have sporadic patches of crabgrass that I have been digging up from the back pasture. The front pasture is a lost cause. It has taken over. I have been spraying round up but it kills the bahia grass and only wounds the crabgrass and nothing grows after that.

Best of luck. It’s ridiculously difficult to get rid of once it infests an area.

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Tenacity is supposed to kill crabgrass but doesn’t do anything but turn it yellow for a short period of time. Also it’s not effective in hot temperatures.

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So basically, dethatch, scalp, run grass sweeper over all of it, compost spread, overseed, harrow…and then hope for the best till spring… keeping my fingers crossed!!!

Baaahahahaaa lucky!!! My dude mows on the zero turn then goes in. I mow, fert lime, spread the compost, pick up the tree limbs n branches n do the burning…while he watches football or golf bc “i wanted the damn horses so that land is my job to take care of not his”…meh.

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I have what appears to be two different types of crabgrass on my property. One has thicker leaves and is glossier looking. It also grows incredibly fast. My horses eat both types. The crabgrass doesn’t bother me too much but the dang Kogan or wtf ever it’s called … well it’s all out war on that mess.

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I’m seeing crabgrass EVERYWHERE too - our yards, the dry lot, my turnouts.

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Dude, it is driving me crazy!!! I want to do an insane reno on my front yard and one side of the backyard in the fall and I’m sitting here like is anything even going to grow with all this crap everywhere??!!! Do I spend the money on tenacity just for s&g and try it?!

I have sprayed out every other weed. My yard areas were smurf blue from dye marker for over a week. The fields I am just going to overseed with k31 fescue late aug n mow mow mow.

But my other two areas… I keep eyeing the round up wondering if I dare…

All joking aside, I have never, ever…seen the explosion of it like I am this year, it is stupid ridiculous!

Tenacity is all marketing. It’s actually a pretty crappy herbicide.

Wait it out. Don’t screw around with the preemergent next year - get it down earlier than later.

And, K-31 is the product of the devil. lol

So my question is DO we really need to deal w the crabgrass? I have a list of things to do that
has me prefer to ignore. Is that at my peril? :grinning:

Also seeing more and more crabgrass in my drylot. I used nonwoven fabric, 3inch stone and then 3inch screenings. Do not have time to go pull all of it. Is that a mistake too? Will I regret that?

It will go to seed, and then you’ll have double+ of it next year. I’d do something about it, unless the horses are munching on it enough to prevent seed heads.

I am going to put something to kill it down, but I really need to overseed my actual yard this fall, so wouldn’t pre emergent now for crabgrass in my front n backyard stop the grass seeds from germinating?

As far as the horse field goes I am probably sol, unless crabgrass pre emergent in the spring is horse pasture safe?

Why is K31 the devil? I could go with a bag of Houndstooth fescue? Either way I do not want to do orchard or timothy, too expensive. I did annual rye last December and by mid may I had a hayfield of it, but then as it died off, the crabgrass started showing up. I seeded some Teff for thw heck of it. One pasture is doing great, the other two are more weeds and crabgrass and older fescue, leftover rye, mixed bunches of stuff. I could go perennial rye but I have a fat pony who stays muzzled when he is turned out until at least October as it is, so I figured fescue as far as sugars was my safest bet?

I am in east tn, our winters are cold enough to cause freezes but we get more rain and sleet than snow. I do want some kind of seed down by end of September to keep him grazing thruout the really cold chilly wet months. That lowers my hay bill alot, and the muddy areas in the spring will not be as bad.