Creating a USA boarding resource for Chron of Horse, please contribute!

Hey y’all, I posted earlier today about a Google Doc that I made for Austin area boarding, and @Bristol_Bay suggested that it could be a larger resource for the COTH forum. I think that’s a stellar idea, so I’ve taken the liberty of creating this form.
please click or copy and paste the above into your browser

There are nine questions in total, all short and sweet, but only four are required. I am looking for barn names, discipline, location, and a few other things (most valuable, I think, is any comments/experience you have at said barn).

When responses have been added to the form (or when you’re looking for boarding info), you can view the responses here:

Thank you!


I will definitely be contributing to this!

How about @Peggy?

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You’re looking for boarding facilities, not necessarily trainers? So, for a facility with several trainers, you’d answer for the facility as a whole as opposed to individual trainers.

You got it! The facility as a whole and if you have thoughts about specific trainers, throw it in the notes part!

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one may be held to task for a discouraging comment, and since you have linked CoTH to the project they would be a party for any comment made within your file (not an attorney but dealt with contract law for decades)

The fact that survey includes a statement “This form is anonymous, so please share freely.” opens a doorway that could become a dangerous pathway of subjective comments based upon a vendetta

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I think as long as comments are kept above board, it will be fine. As a forum, COTH isn’t held accountable for every negative comment that’s ever been said here.

The document is not editable to others, and the form is only submittable. If someone makes an outlandish comment, I’ll edit the doc on the back end to note that someone had a bad experience there.

I appreciate your insight


You gotta have a little faith in people, clanter.

I submitted a few places local to me. Glad to help.

I think this could be a great resource if enough folks added to it!

What will you do if person A says they love the barn but person B says to avoid at all costs? Just curious as we all know opinions are generally worth what you pay for them.

I could have opinions about the barns I posted that would be perceived as negative, but I just tried to be informative instead. I think the OP can edit out anything really subjective.


I’d probably just say there are mixed reviews and take with a grain of salt!