Cremello With Sensitive Eyes

I recently came to a ranch who has a very nice little 2014, 14.1(ish)hh APHA gelding. He rides very nice, has good ground manners and is very sweet. I’ve considered buying him as a resale project. The only problem I have found is that he seems to be incredibly sensitive to the sun and has issues seeing well. Would a UV protection fly mask help this problem for him? Would it harm his career in any way? He doesn’t act differently than a normal horse under saddle, but sometimes he seems as though he can’t hold his eyes open (bright sunlight) or in the dark/dusk he becomes more sensitive to things (shadows). He has a good brain and doesn’t spook, though. So what would you do? Both eyes are blue, his mucus membranes are clear and not sunburnt. I’m just wondering how I could help him see easier and if I should buy him… thanks!

Yes, we used a uv fly mask on our cremello. I love cremellos. My friend had one growing up and she was the best horse. We had one where I taught lessons, fly mask and try to keep them out of bright sunlight (night turn put in summer if you can, but I try to do the same with all my horses.)

As a resale prospect I would say that it isn’t the most popular color.


They can be tattooed around the eye, which helps-- but while I am not generally picky about color, that is one I would definitely avoid unless the horse is fantastic.


He’s a nicely put together little guy and is a natural babysitter but he’s your typical 4yr old who is still learning manners and will occasionally paw when tied, pull his foot away or otherwise be a little butthead. Nothing malicious and has never bucked or tried to lose a rider. The man wants $1200 for him as is and I’m having a hard time justifying the price for a greenie with his color related issues… thanks for the feedback, guys. It’s nice to know that the UV fly mask will help.

Some folks love the dilutes, though probably his breeder was hoping for a true palomino. There is a market but narrower. Perhaps he would thrive in a shady barn in the PNW :slight_smile:

They do say a good horse is never a bad color, but maybe that’s not always true.


I wouldn’t let the color stop you from a health standpoint, assuming the vet sees nothing wrong with his eyes. I have a blue-eyed cream Connemara. I do protect his eyes as the pink skin can get cancer with too much sun. I do not have a mask on when riding and he has no vision problems. I use this visor:

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I have a cremello and she has no issues with the sun. If he has white markings around his eye, that is another ball game.

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He has a blaze but otherwise I don’t think he has white marking around the eyes themselves? The trainer who started him said that he ran into another horse while free lunging one day and it made her wonder if he had vision problems - but he closes his eyes often and I’m wondering if that’s why it happened? They didn’t tell me at first that he has low refractory, but now she is saying that’s what she believes is wrong. He leads and walks fine, rides well, etc. Just wish I knew more about these genes and eye issues.

Why on earth was he being free lunged with another horse???

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Just throwing it out there, but if you get him, and worry about those sensitive eyes, you can hook him up with a UV mask. I just bought one for my paint from

I got the “Plain Ol Charlie”, but it looks like they have shorter more low profile masks so you can ride with them. Seems to be holding up great, my buttheads have been playing tug of war with it…

If you are concerned though, and really want him, a pre-purchase vet check, even with an opthamologist may save you some heartache.