Crosby Equilibrium

I keep thinking to myself that I need a new saddle, my one right now is servicable at the moment, but it’s going downhill. Today this saddle was posted in a buy, sell, trade page on facebook for $900 (stirrups, leathers, and 48" girth included), the year is unknown. I’m very inexperienced in saddle shopping and don’t know much about brands. I was hoping some people here could telling me their thoughts on this saddle and the price? I do hunter jumpers 2’6"+ and I ride at sale barns, so I ride a lot of different horses and need something that can do that reasonably.

It’s not a steal of a deal. I often see Crosbys priced much lower than that. I personally think the price is a couple hundred dollars too high. I actually bought a county stabilizer for less than that.

That price does seem high. I bought a new Equilibrium back about 12-13 years ago for $500 - found it hidden in the basement sale area of State Line Tack (before the building was bought out by Dover Saddlery). They had a few others priced closer to $1000 - all new Equilibriums. I love the saddle - grew up riding in a PDN and was always happy with it. But yes $900 seems on the high side for a used Crosby even it it includes all that stuff (can’t tell if the stirrups are a knock-off of some other brand).

Too much $$. You can find these on eBay for $300-$500 if you are patient.

I like the Equilibrium but it looks like there’s a reasonable amount of wear on it, especially on the pommel (I would ask to see a photo of just the seat because if there’s wear from riding in jeans, the stitching gets worn through on the pommel).

The other thing that you’d need to really check are the panels. I believe this has foam panels (sure looks like it) and you would need to get a sense for how much the foam has degraded. In my experience with older foam paneled saddles the foam loses it’s resiliency over time and gets hard/compressed. That cannot be fixed so you’d need to see how that saddle looked.

Oh jeez! I ment to say $600… that’s what I get for not going back over my post

Oh jeez! I ment to say $600… that’s what I get for not going back over my post[/QUOTE]

That’s a better price but I still think it’s priced high for its condition. You need to do some online searches to get a better sense for what these saddles go for. However, only you can decide what it’s worth to you.

Here’s one for $750 but it’s absolutely MINT.

This one doesn’t have the knee rolls but it’s in very nice condition - $300

This one has some wear to the seat but sold for less than $275

I sold mine for 650 but it was in nearly flawless condition (as in, I had treated it with kid gloves and it looked better than when I got it and I had it reflocked with wool which adds value). For that kind of wear, I’d pass. You can get the same saddle with less wear for less money.