Cross Country Boots

Now that the E-Vento boots have been on the market for a while I am looking for opinions. What do you like best or what do you use? I am torn between the E-Vento, Woof Wear smart boots or Ecogold. Let me know your opninions!!!

I love my E-Vento boots. I bought a second pair for my other horse. Very nice boots and used the all last year.

I love my PE boots as well as my NEW event boots with Fleece lining behind for the one with some bumps on the back legs. Having said that, I loved the feel of the Evento and they’d be my go to choice if the PEs didn’t fit.

I should note that I’m a bit of an xc boot addict. I have just about every boot out there (Dalmer, PE, NEW, Woof, Kentucky etc.). The E-Vento is by far my favorite. Only negative I have is that like MOST boots, they are not quite tall enough for my Dinosaur horse (about to attend a large event end of April that shall not be named :wink: But not many boots fit that boy.

Thank you! My horse is also a bit of a Dinosaur but the gel vento boots seem to fit so maybe the E-vento ones will also

I have Dalmar fronts and PE hinds. I really like the way the Dalmars fit my horse. The PEs are okay–just slightly too long but not enough to worry or go up another size. Both are breathable and hold up well. The E-Ventos look super nice though :love-struck:

I would think they would. Luckily my main rides are normal sized OTTBs (16.1-16.2 hands) so they fit most things.

I have the Woof Smart boots, and they fit by big draft cross perfectly. I’m a big Woof fan, they’ve held up great, don’t hold water, and I really like the technology. Getting a second pair for the baby I’m riding.

The large-sized Dalmar event boots fit my chunky draft horse with cankles really well.

Another vote for the Woof Smart boots. . Love them. . they don’t get hot, don’t hold water and don’t spin! They win in my book, though I’m an EcoGold fan as well!

I moved away from the Dalmers after one fractured with one of my horses (the strike plate…made a dangerous sharp edge). So I started looking at boots that didn’t rely on carbon fiber for the strike plate. It is the Technology in the E-vento boots that I like as well as their fit.

Is this the same type of plate that PE has?

I believe so. Kentucky boots use something else. I don’t know about the new Woof ones.

Kentucky & Woof XC aren’t a good fit for mine. I feel like you are damned if you do but damned if you don’t; one of mine over reached and knocked their tendon with a traditional Woof boot. Thought the leg was seriously compromised, looked like something horrible but really a giant hematoma on the back of the front leg :eek: This was just a normal light jump school. But the tendon guard thing is concerning…

The E-Ventos have new technology. Flexible tendon guard until a strike and then it hardens.

Were you able to find information somewhere that says what material is in the srike zone of the boot? Your description sounds like some kind of dilatant material, but all I can find on their website or in the descriptions online is “protective pads in polyurethane foam”. Interested to know what’s really inside… there’s a big difference between a dilatant foam and a polyurethane foam!

I know Kentucky boots use dilatant foam (D3O) and Majyk now has a dilatant foam in their jump boots (ARX), just off the top of my head.

I like the Boyd Martin XCountry boot from Majyk Equipe.
(scroll down)
I really studied these at the trade show last week and they are sending me a pair. They claim that they hold up going through water. They are soft and flexible yet have the strike guard.

Im a huge fan of ecogold!!! I had a pair of NEW boots that I loved using, but my horse stumbled up a bank out of water and his hind leg stepped on his front leg and he had studs in. Went through the boot and pierced his leg. Vet said I was lucky it didn’t pierce the joint… Long story short, after tons of research, I went with Ecogold 4 years ago (and 5 pairs later- lots of competing at the upper levels and 2 horses), I haven’t looked back. And they have fantastic customer service. When I was trying them initially, I ordered the wrong size, and they shipped the correct size out to replace them asap before I had even returned the wrong size pair. Also, had one boot that had a material problem, and they replaced it no questions, just with a pic of the boot and what happened. Fantastic customer care and I love the boots on my horse. The new pairs I just bought even have more upgrades- the hinds are easier to tighten on the leg and have a new material on the inside of the boot to make sure they stay put. I just used to use baby powder, but this is great. Can’t say enough for the ecogold. Although, I do love a good Woof boot, but only use at training level (really novice level) and schooling and below.