Cross-Country Lessons/Schooling in Middle Tennessee


I am a rider with a primarily hunter/jumper background who is an in-progress convert to eventing with my pony. I am located in middle Tennessee (MTSU, to be exact) and while I have plenty of access to dressage help as well as jumps and some show jumping help, I am in search of some professional help to get me safely into cross-country. Kaiser and I have successfully jumped outside of the arena, whether it’s random stuff on the trail or courses on grass, but we have no experience with cross-country specific obstacles such as jumping into/out of water, ditches, banks, drops, etc.

So I’m looking for opportunities to work on this - whether it be going schooling with a trainer or group, or taking lessons with someone with access to a cross country course. I have a trailer and am willing to travel, but I’m looking for reasonably priced and hopefully somewhat close to Murfreesboro!

I have done lots of google searches but I’m looking for personal recommendations: who you like, and why, and who to avoid. Or opportunities I might not find on google (for instance: Percy Warner Park…when is it open??? I can’t figure it out).

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Try this place:

I have taken a clinic with Becca when she was up in North and thought she did a good job. Saw Bill teach a clinic and the horses got better during the lessons. The reason why I took a clinic with Becca is that my horse spent years in their program and he is fabulous.

My husband just built a big schooling course at Walnut Trace Farm in Nashville last year. It will be (if it isn’t already) open for schooling. They don’t have an in-house trainer (last I heard) but Laura Mungioli (Leelanau Eventing) teaches at that facility frequently and they are open to haul-ins. She is great if you are just getting into eventing and would be easy to schedule to meet up with at Walnut Trace. She herself rides with Bill Hoos, who is probably the biggest eventing name in town. Bill and his wife (and I think his daughter) all teach and probably go xc schooling fairly regularly, but his program (from what I hear) can be a little all or nothing, so not sure how easy it is to get in for an odd lesson or so with him. Worth asking though! I’m sure there are others, but those are what pop to mind at first.

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I don’t know that Percy Warner xc is open for schooling except on designated days. The park itself is open for trail riding, etc, but I’m not sure about the course itself. Email the organizers of Middle TN PC horse trials, they would probably know best.

I’d suggest you PM eponacowgirl. She’s in that area, more or less, and knows just about everything and everyone there is to know.

Lauren (eponacowgirl) at Southern Promise. She’s only 20-30 minutes from Murfreesboro and has an affordable and fun program. She would be great for someone just dipping their toes into the eventing scene.

Wil-o-blu and Walnut Trace are in my neck of the woods and would be at least an hour from you.

Percy Warner Park is open every weekend in August, plus groups can make arrangements with metro parks to school–but you cannot just show up and expect it to be available. Walnut Trace has xc schooling as well, but I haven’t seen the new stuff. Grace has a quality facility so I expect it to be good.

Thanks guys!

I think I may have actually met Lauren/eponacowgirl before around MTSU somewhere (and I think we may be facebook friends also…) so I think I will start there and keep the other options in mind. :slight_smile:

You may also want to try Lara Borson Knight (Lara Knight Eventing) @Canterway Farm in Whites Creek, TN. I’ve ridden with her for years and can’t recommend her enough. She’s an Advanced rider with clients ranging from Starter/Beg Novice through Prelim. PM me if you have any specific questions and I’ll be glad to help if I can. :slight_smile: