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Cross-post from Sporthorse Breeding - OTTBs' pedigrees for sport?

This one is mine: http://www.pedigreequery.com/dont+skip+the+cafe

She’s 15.2, already proven that she can jump, and has quite nice movement. She came away from 5 years and 39 starts completely sound except for the typical unbalanced muscling, which is much better now. I personally love the Skip Trial line, and I’ve heard that they are generally very sound and very athletic. I’ve only met one horse by her damsire Kipper Kelly, but that gelding was eventing at Prelim when I met him and moving up. Just wondering what people think. I would like to event, and if she proves successful I may consider breeding her.

This one belongs to a friend, and this is entirely hypothetical since he isn’t ridden and will never be ridden competitively: http://www.pedigreequery.com/keyhole4.

I’ve had people tell me that his pedigree is outstanding for sport, but he was poorly managed for most of his 6 years on the track and then starved when he got off. So he is physically and mentally kind of fried.