Cross post: looking for opinions on overhead trailer tie systems

My Lusitano likes to talk with his hands, and due to multiple doors on my 2+ one trailer, the only place to tie him is directly over the fender. He’s either going to cut himself on it or stand on it or do something else creative. I would love to hear your opinions on different types of overhead systems. I’m not Going to use it for camping, just for hauling out for lessons and rides.

I love my high-tie but it allows for plenty of freedom of movement…including standing right next to the fender! So I’m not sure if that would help in your situation. I did put fender edging on so it was not so sharp, and I have seen some folks who cut a piece of board that fits in the wheel wheels so a leg could not get hung up.

The high-tie does set up quickly (though it means the person standing on ladder or fender to swing it out and attach the line). It might make your guy feel less trapped? I think hobble training might be a better solution. I always have a hay bag with “special” trip hay (just some alfalfa he does not get at home) and that has given my new horse a focus at the trailer (he is very food motivated!). Best of luck!