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Cross post: PPE vet recommendation in Ocala

Pretty much self explanatory

Nathan Mitts at Peterson Smith, or Lisa Casinella.

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Your the second person for Nathan Mitts

Anyone from peak performance. Lisa Casinella, Shane Harley, Jill Copenhagen

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Third Nathan Mitts. He did the PPE for the horse I bought in Ocala and was excellent.

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Am in NJ, but can’t say enough about Furlong (who has Peak Performance in Ocala). If the Ocala practice is similar, you’re in good hands.

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Dr Aric Adams, EMCO

Dr Angie Yates is local to Ocala AND Is an eventer so would be an excellent choice.


I am familiar with all of the vets listed here and this is the only one I feel strongly I wouldn’t use.

PM me if you want reasons.

I’m familiar with the vets, listed above. You can PM me if you want, as I won’t trash anyone in an open forum.

So I called Peterson Smith, was sent over to the schedulers desk and was told to leave a message. Called back 3 hours later. She’s still on the phone. never returned my call. Scheduled with someone else.

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Yeah that’s the problem with some big clinics sometimes. Unless you are a “name” or a regular- you’re on the back burner (especially at the last week of circuit.

Glad you got someone- good luck.