Cross-Posted: What color is my horse?

This is my 4 year old from Germany I got back in August. He’s by Clintissimo (Clinton I).

People are always asking me what color he is.

Passport says “grey”…very helpful.

Wondering how he will age/lighten as well. If he will roan out or dapple.

Anyone have any experience with this coloring? I’m curious as are most people who see him.


Well, he IS gray :slight_smile: The question is - what color did he start out as.

My guess is black or very dark brown.

He’s likely a “roaning” gray as opposed to going through a dappled phase. But he doesn’t “have roan”.


I have a mare that was about this color at about this age. She’s ten now, and a pretty dapple grey. Eventually she’ll be white, just like every other grey horse… she’s just taking a long time to get there.

Agree with JB that this guy started off dark brown.

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He’s grey. Any variation beyond that isn’t really predictable. He will get lighter and lighter with age, but nobody can really tell what phases he will go through or how long they will last.

(P.S. he is BY Clintissimo. By a stallion, out of a mare.)

Typical young horse going grey. The face goes white first. A roan is roan from the start and typically has a dark head.

Many greys get a dapple period in the middle of the greying process but they akways continue to lose color and lose the dappled, ending up white. They may get the flecks of color known as “flea bitten grey.”

I would expect this horse to be fundamentally white by his early teens. I know, hard to imagine at this stage!

Grey. A friend’s horse was greying out and he went through a phase where he looked slightly purple.

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