Crosspost - QH and champagne color?


We have a clinic at the barn right now with four variably related QHs. All are different colors and one is champagne. The owner, who was a QH breeder, said that AQHA doesn’t recognize champagne. Why?

I know almost nothing about QHs and wonder about this. The horse has had solid foundation QH breeding.


Sounds like a Cremello,probably a dilute palomino.

Champagne is not the same gene that produces a palomino.

So if the horse does indeed have the champagne gene, then it is not a cremello.

I don’t know why the AQHA doesn’t recognize the champagne gene, especially in this age of genomics. A DNA test can easily identify the champagne gene, and distinguish it from the cream gene (that creates palomino and buckskin, cremello and perlino).

The complications arise from the names that you would call the particular colors. Since, for example, the cream gene is independent of the dun gene, you can have a horse with both dilution genes. Add the champagne gene to that and you can have some wild combinations… Champagne dunalino, anyone?



This horse is champagne, and has pigment in the eyes but is gold/brown colored. THe horse was tested for the champagne gene and registered with a champagne registry, even though it is full-on AQHA. Close relatives are buckskin, sorrel and grulla paint. What does the dun gene confer? The buckskin has some wild zebra striping on the legs, and the owners pointed it out of on other relatives although it was more faint to notice.

Champagne hasn’t been added in to the database yet is all. A note can be added to the papers that it has Champagne.

Dun is a dilution gene that also comes with a dorsal stripe that runs through the tail, it doesn’t stop at the tailhead, though that can vary if the horse is a red sun with a cream. Primitive markings are a bonus, but the horse must also have a diluted colour.

There are a lot of colors AQHA doesn’t recognize. 20 years ago you couldn’t register a double dilute period. They get there - just take their time.

That’s a great example Bluey! Often the cream from the palomino almost completely washes out the stripe.

Part of the problem is updating the massive pig of a database. If I recall correctly the last one didn’t go too smoothly.

Thanks, everyone!!!

My horses old trainer breeds paints and has a gold colored stud that has really rare genes for what colors he can produce. He looks solid colored but no matter what you breed him to, he will produce a paint.…n6kSkF6k1SZNBO
Horse is “Color me quick cash”… aka Trendy
CP HORSESColor Me Quick Cash



Color Me Quick Cash or “Trendy” as he is called by most, is a smokey cream homozygous tobiano stallion, with the most unique combination of genetics. He was born a solid tobiano, and his homozygous genotype make him very rare. Coupled with his homozygosity for the black gene, the cream gene, and double recessive agouti, he is even more uncommon. His genetic markers are: aa EE CRCR TOTO. Trendy’s registration status was changed to Regular Registry in 2017. His foals will be either buckskin tobianos or smokey black tobianos. "