Crystal Spring Farm in Watertown, CT . . . Anyone familiar?

Used to go to horse camp there as a kid and I was just wondering whatever became of it. IIRC it was run by a gal named Mindy (who was supposed to go to the Olympics the year we banned) and her husband and parents.

Mindy left one night (like middle of the night loaded the horses and was gone), but her husband still ran the camp.

Anyone have an update?

No one? That makes me sad. It must be out of business now.

Crystal Spring Farm, Watertown, CT…

Many years ago while I lived in CT. both my children went to camp there. It was run by the Jaynes. Mindy was already gone when I met them. Bud and Ginny were the owners, and Arthur was their son who had been married to Mindy. Bud improved my riding ten fold and came to my home in New Milford CT. daily to give me lessons. Sadly he passed away just after my very first horse trial in which I placed 4th, it was a very large class, (over 40 entries). I will never forget that day, he cried he was so happy. :slight_smile:

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Wow, old thread!

For some reason I was remembering Mindy being the daughter and Arthur was the son in law. Those were such fun summers. Arthur used to scare the crap out of us with a bull whip, he’d snap it and we’d all go screaming like little girls :lol: When I first posted this thread I got a PM that there had been a fire recently. I don’t know whatever became of the farm afterwards, but I’ve often thought about them.

Interestingly, Adrienne51, I lived in New Milford from 1980-1982 and went to New Milford High School. Go Green Wave!

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No, Arthur was the son, and Mindy was the DIL… I just saw this… Wow talk about an old conversation!
Bud Jayne bred several of his TB mares to our son of Prince John that we stood way back when when I lived in Connecticut. I. Got to know the family very well, and both my children attended their summer camp.

Just saw the answer to this… I wonder if you knew my daughter…and or son… they both attended New Milford. Perhaps a bit younger