CT tack shops worth visiting?

I’ve got a brief jaunt to western CT (headed down 91) coming up - haven’t been there for years. Are there any good tack shops to visit? Bonus points if they have things other than in the big catalogues. I don’t actually need anything other than paddock boots and breeches (ugh, with my current level of fat, this is a depressing thought). TIA!

I’ll be heading to that area too. Would be interested in knowing.

There is this one in Avon - https://www.equestrian-centre.com/ . They’ve done some tack repairs for me and were very nice (and did fantastic work).

Smith-Worthington is in Hartford or next town over. Pretty unassuming place. Not open all the time. But if you need a good whiff of leather…

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I’d second Smith-Worthington, and it’s right in Hartford.

But do check about their hours and you might have to call or email just to let them know you’re coming. They don’t do a lot of walk-ins.

The smell of leather is amazing!