Cur-Ost vs Platinum Performance vs Cosequin ASU vs Others

Title Says it all.

My mare is an 11 yo quarter horse that has always been in moderate work. I moved her back to my house last year and we have been dealing with foot problems as a result of ****ty shoeing disease and nutritional deficits. We have gotten a better farrier, started her on TC30 to correct the nutritional issues, and given her osphos per my vet’s recommendation. Her front-end lameness has completely resolved. Now, she is showing grade 1 lameness on her rear.

My vet has recommended putting her on a joint supplement. Does anybody have experience with Cur-Ost, Platinum Performance, or Cosequin ASU? Besides her lameness, she doesn’t appear to have any other significant issues. She has been scoped for ulcers and been negative, her coat looks excellent for the first time in a long time, and she is a good weight. Behaviorally, she has always been very easy to work with and continues to be so.

Cur-Ost, Platinum, and Cosequin are the only ones I have really heard much about, but I am also open to hearing more suggestions.

I’ve used Cosequin ASU and didn’t really notice much of a difference. I like that it has some research to back up its efficacy (most joint supplements don’t). That said, it might be worth it to ask your vet about an injectable like Adequan/Legend/Pentosan. More expensive in the short term, but way more effective than any feed through in my experience.

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My 32 year-old gelding is on Cosequin ASU Plus. I noticed straight away a huge improvement in his comfort and suppleness when I first put him on it 8 years ago. This past spring, my order of Cosequin was delayed a couple weeks due to Covid and he went without. Within a couple days, he was severely stiff and stoved up and looked and moved every day of his 32 years. Once back on it, he was again moving comfortably and freely.

This is an old post but I’m starting to research for my own horses. I use Platinum CJ. I have a horse with osteoarthritis. I noticed him walking different in 3 days after starting him on this. Shoes on the front help too, but his knee is still the size of a softball. Platinum is expensive, with 2horses on it, that’s $427 a month. Cosequine would save me $71. Is it just as good? I dunno yet. Any thoughts (I know this is like asking barrel racers what they think of the gound. LOL)

Focusing just on oral supplements, my current vet highly recommends the InPrime joint supplement:

My former vet recommends Phycox. I use this with my super senior and it honestly seems to give her more comfort than her Equioxx does.

I use Cosequin ASU for my 20-year-old who had a traumatic hock injury 6 years ago.

I’ve had him on Adequan, and he did well. There was a huge sale on the ASU, so we gave it a go. I swear he moves better with the ASU. I’ve tried changing the supplement to CortaFlx and could see and feel a definite difference, so back to the ASU we’ve gone.

We have noticed the most improvement/bang for our buck with 20,000 mg MSM.

Does anyone know if any other supplements have ASU, other than Cosequin? Just more a curiosity thing than anything.

From the research that I have done, I think that the Platinium products are not that economical…very expensive, and the ingredients/quantities arent that much.

My big guy is on the same. I use a heaping scoop per day but he’s about 1360 pound. He runs around with his tail in the air once we started it. Wasn’t doing that before so who knows. But he is moving much better.