Cure for funky blanket smell?

I just got two used stable sheets, $5 each, at a local rescue’s “blanket blowout” sale. They’ve been stored probably in a pile of blankets for a while, and both have that sort of funky sour blanket odor. Any tips for reducing it? Right now they are in the carport airing out.

The barn has a blanket room and I don’t want to put them in there. Of course, they’re inexpensive enough that I may keep them through blanket season and then toss them.

I would take it to the do it yourself car wash and peg them up . Use the pressure wash on them. hang dry in sun if you have it.

If you dont want to do that you can get a container like a Rubbermaid tub and do a soak of 1:4 vinegar and dry in sun

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Yes wash dry in sun, and the vinegar rinse is a great idea.

Why not just wash them in the washing machine?

I’d either soak in a vinegar water solution for a while or OxyClean or Borax solution before putting in the washer.

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Are they wool?
As long as they aren’t wool you can wash them. Use a fabric softener to make them smell nice. I use one designed for sensitive skin.

I would soak them in a big tub of vinegar and water then let dry in the sun.

Otherwise just throw them in the machine.

Borax really works to eliminate odor.