Curious about this style change in posts

I was re-reading an old thread started in December of 2019. A few of the posts in that thread have an unusual style change in that the font, font size, and the spacing are different. Then the last line is normal. Any idea what would cause that? The posts I have seen with this difference are only from one poster in that thread. It does not show that it was edited.

given that thread it looks like it was converted in a transcript for a court record

Adding four spaces in front of a new line of text will do that. It’s a code tag (as in programming code.)

Like this

Certain threads ending up in a court record is not unexpected. Just strange that random pieces of a sentence would have that code tag. Someone wanted it to be found?

Simkie: Thanks for the explanation of a code tag.

Far more likely that someone accidentally wound up with four spaces at the start of a line. It happens to me sometimes when I copy and paste rearranging sentences in something I’ve written. In 2019, four spaces at the start of a line didn’t tell the software to do anything. It would be one hell of a long game to assume that we’d transition to software where four spaces would be an instruction to show that portion of text in a different way.

I see a lot of broken markup in old posts. Quote tags are handled differently here, emojis are a little different here, etc etc. This really isn’t any different than that :woman_shrugging:

There’s a discussion on the Discourse help forum about how this happens, actually. Lots of examples of how people can add four spaces at the start of a line, without intending to kick it into a different format:

There is very little reason to believe anything nefarious is happening here, or that this is being used as court transcript.

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