Curious abt horse: Lineation

I saw this horse run at Suffolk Downs in 2005 and was curious what happened to him. Owner/trainer at the time was Michael Jordan. If he is still alive, he would be 20-21 years old.

He ran dead last, but he seemed to have making a fabulous dressage horse. He was chestnut, bred by Farnsworth Farms in Ocala, foaled in 1999, and sold to Eason and Hickman in 2001. Sire was Line in the Sand by Mr. Prospector.

I find it interesting that when TB’s catch my eye, they have Mr. Prospector in their breeding.

I posted this a while ago. I’m still curious if anyone knows this horse. I thought he would have made a great dressage horse.

You already have all the easy-to-find information. The only other possibility (and it is a longshot) is to go to the USEF database to see if there is a registered horse by that name. Perhaps someone else saw the potential and bought him. But many/most people change the JC club name…

Best of luck. Let us know if you can find anything on the USEF database.