Curious on Thoroughbred Pedigree, and Show Name Question

My horse’s name is My Man Mumbles (I call him Max). You can see his pedigree here:

He’s my eventing prospect. I know nothing of TB bloodlines, but just wondered if there’s anything interesting you guys could tell me about his ancestors! He has the best, most down-to-earth personality of any horse I have ever known. He gives you 110% on anything you ask him to do. I don’t know if it’s a training or bloodline thing, but everyone absolutely loves him. His conformation isn’t perfect, but good gosh, that horse can move.

Also - do you thoroughbred owners show under the horse’s registered name or did you give them a different show name? I can hardly stand Max’s registered name.


Use registered name, unless it is heinous. I’m afraid yours qualifies.

Haha. I am with Training Cupid. Whoever thought of your horse’s JC name should be shot. If you do decide to change his show name, I like the idea of pulling in names from his pedigree (eg. My True Desire, Proud and True, Silver Ciel, … you get the idea).

wait! I love his registered name. I think it’s cute.

I’d probably call him True Accolade. I think when you register with the USEF you can put both what you show him under, and his registered name.

You could just change it to “Enunciate!” (or Speak Up)

I first read it as “My man, Mumbles” which I thought was pretty cute. I wouldn’t feel badly about changing a Jockey Club name if you didn’t like it, even though I tend not to change names.

I’ve heard lots of good things about his grandsire, Yes It’s True. Good brains and temperament, just like your guy.

Count me in as one of the weird ones that like his JC name :). You could take the letters in his JC name and do something different with them (like using the MMM somehow). I also like adding on the acronym of the rehoming group if he came from one (CMA for Canter MidAtlantic, etc.)

I know this is for GM and not 3M, but could you call him Mark of Excellence? Or Marque, if you prefer?

I’m not crazy about his JC name but it does remind me in a nice way of My Man Godfrey.

I know a Yes it’s True OTTB that is a fantastic horse came off the track, retrained and has been a great YR horse

I love his name! I can just visualize you riding him and the announcer calling his name. It will make people smile.
It is a very cute name (and I also feel quite strongly about keeping a horse’s registered name)/

it is cute, i like his name!

from a sport perspective, some of the names in his pedigree have been duds for UL contention but i do see a fair amount in there that suggests he’d be a nice mover. green dancer seems to pass on a good bit of loftiness, and i’ve known quite a few really nice movers that came from icecapade and clever trick line. some CT’s have the biggest canter i’ve seen. quite a few names in his pedigree are known for passing on “socialite” personalities – one of my favorite personalities was a clever trick horse. you probably have a nice tidy jumper on your hands.

Not a fan of his name. I would say that 98% of TB’s in the hunter ring have a “registered name”, a “show name” and a “barn name”.

I (recently) have had:
Shuffling – show name Vintage – called him George.
Dreams Come True – show name Makin Faces – called him Warren
Butri – Show name Palace Guard – called him Bear.

How about “Speak The Truth” for your guy?

Not a fan of his name…I show most of mine under their JC name unless I really hate it. I have one called Dancing for Lois…yuck. Barn name is Louie …so his show name is Kingsmen (famous for the song Louie Louie).

As for his pedigree, pretty nice. I especially like his dam line. I always like horses with What a Pleasure. They tend to have good movement and fantastic xc gallops.

Oh c’mon. I show mine under his registered name…We All Love Aleyna (he’s a gelding). Tho at home we call him “Lenny.” The neat upshot is that he raced a lot in California & several people have recognized him & come up to tell me. Kinda neat. And they included the Fox Sports racing commentator who had some good stories about him.