Current Event not listed among forums

When I look at the list of forums Current Events is only listed below Archived, and in pale grey, vs bold, font. I can select that pale grey font to enter CE

When I try to see other forums to jump to from a thread I’m reading, when I use the icon of the “bars” ( upper right of header on my Kindle) to see the options, which gives me a drop down of “Categories”, again, no CE is listed.

Guessing you have it muted.

Go to your preferences, categories, scroll down to muted, remove it.

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Ok did that but can’t see how to unmute it.
How did it get muted to begin, I wonder.

Thanks, btw

You just click the x.


To mute a forum, you come here and add it. Or, from the forum itself, you click the bell under your avatar and select “mute.” Looks like you can unmute from here too. Looks possible to accidently mute from here, especially on a tablet :woman_shrugging:


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Ok, I did it.
Under muted I had to list all categories scroll down and tap CE to unmute it… I think… Then Save Changes

Tapping the x next to CE under muted didn’t seem to do it. shrug

Ah yep, likely I did it accidentally.
The icons for each action are so tight /close to one another on devices
I’m constantly accidentally hitting the flag instead of the <3 on comments

Fat fingers I guess