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Current market?

Thoughts on whether horse prices are starting to settle a bit?

If you see snow usually, YES. Very much settling.

If you see sandy footing or Palm trees, they’re only settling for the poor folks who brought the Ford Focus to the celebrity Polo Match in Palm Springs.



Haha that’s funny. I’m casually looking for a horse and anything with a decent record starting training starts at 40k! I bought same horse 6 years ago for 25k. I guess it’s only going to go up.


I think you properly already answered your own question here. I bet cost for a horse with a solid show record is going to at least remain where it is, but probably go up as there is a lot of demand for them. I don’t know about cost for a youngster or OTTB…but suspect the current pricing will hold steady as people continue to look for options to make their own or start/resell. Difficult to say for sure but I wouldn’t anticipate any downturn.


Here’s a great ad: (Paraphrased) schooling first level, started over fences. $70K. I’m screwed for buying in this market.


That is pretty high. Even in this market! Was it exceptionally bred or something?

Crazy. I ended up buying a really nice OTTB but paid a premium for him. He’s flashy and quiet so I guess it was worth it? Haha ask me in 6 months.


I would love to find this! Was excited about an OTTB in Aiken I was going to go see and he ended up being back sore with KS. I passed as I had a TB with KS and we never really got ahead off it.

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Yes, it was more than I wanted to pay but he’s sane and vetted clean so yes. I had first refusal on him but there were 5 people behind me if I said no. It was crazy. Market is insane.


I think the questions for your case that would help folks to know how the market is are:

  1. Was it a fresh off the track OTTB or already had been restarted?
  2. If it has been restarted, has it shown?
  3. Define Flashy
  4. Was the seller a professional ottb reseller or regular person who owned a nice horse?
  5. What area did you buy it from in the country? (You can be vague and just state USEA areas)


  1. Just turned 4 gelding with lots of chrome. 16.2

  2. Not restarted basically off the track for 3 days before I purchased.

  3. Area 2

  4. High 4s

  5. Hmmmm not a professional seller but someone in the industry who gets inside intel on nice horses coming to market.


See to me I still find it funny that ottb’s with NO mileage often go for more than ones with some mileage.

That part just never makes sense to me. But I’m used to it now.



Personally I don’t want to buy a green TB from an ammy who perhaps was in over their head and then sells. I’d rather put on my own mistakes haha


Today I saw a 19-year-old horse that is “best suited for 2’ and under” hunters for LEASE for “low 5s.” I don’t think the market has settled much yet.


I’m currently in Aiken and I am crying at the vids of horses going over what your corgi in an agility course could go over going for $35,000. I’m seriously going to buy my own OTTB from the track based on confirmation and a quiet brain, throw them in a field for 6 months and start from scratch.


Yeah a corgi would be cheaper. :wink:

The other thread about the greatly reduced number of lesson horses working in the U.S. now … these prices certainly aren’t helping.


I just saw an advert for a fresh-off-the track, sat on maybe once or twice at the farm, asking price $15k. :woman_facepalming: This market is nutso.


God I hate horse shopping! Just needed to vent. Thank you.


Mine will be under $5k

Have rads and is rested and ready to go.

I mention this because there are realists in the world about what a horse is worth. I may want to pay all my bills for the year ahead of time, but I cannot make my guy’s value beyond what a fair buyer knows it is.

SOME folks seem not to grasp that concept.



I have two right now that have not moved, which is surprising to me. I’m not hating it though, as they are both earning their keep teaching lessons and are so pleasant compared to all of my mares.

(1) One that has been with me since November, taught lessons, ridden by everyone/anyone. BUT he has a chip, and vet rec. that he is a training and below horse… which does match his personality. I cannot tell you how many people who have gone to one or two elementary events have passed on this guy because they want a horse with limitless potential. Sigh. I have him for the lowest of 5s (just recently increased from high 4’s since he has now gone xc with no problems and competes this weekend).

(2) My old UL horse. People want to lease him, but at 16 I can just see this ending poorly. He requires maintenance but can teach beginner lessons through LL eventing. Granted, I’ve been picky with him, but it is amazing to me that people pass on him since he has kissing spine (which has never been a problem). I’m asking low 5’s with his maintenance.

I think the market is crazy right now, but I also think that the expectation of buyers is also crazy. I keep seeing “must be BOMBPROOF, under 5K, under 6 years old”… how many are out there? Are sellers really calling their young horses bombproof? I just can’t digest that.