Custom 4 star 2+1

I’m in the process of ordering a new 2+1 trailer from 4 star and am curious about input from others! I want this trailer to last a very long time, so trying to make sure I get all the specifications and options correct the first time.

  1. Dimensions will be 6” behind butt bar, 90” from butt bar to chest, 42” between chest bar and stud doors, and 132” in length for the front box. Essentially, each stall will be 11’ long. Thinking I will mostly haul 2 horses in a 2 box stall configuration. Horses are warmblood size. I assume this size is plenty large enough.

  2. I’m undecided about the tack room…I really don’t love the idea of carpet because it seems like it’ll be a pain to keep clean. I was thinking rubber on both the floor and the front part of the gooseneck. But what about the wall towards the horse compartment where the bridles are hung? I know most people have carpet, but I wonder if I should put rubber there too. Or just leave plain metal - just not sure how loud it might get with bits clanging against that wall. I’ve never seen rubber on this wall before, so if anyone has done this or has photos that would be awesome!

  3. What little things do you feel are missing from your trailer? Extra hooks for trying, hay bags, etc? Extra little storage solutions? What do most people store in the front part of the gooseneck? Should I install rings to tie things down there?

  4. Do we love having AC in the tack room or is that excessive? There are extra supports required in the ceiling if I decide to do this later, and it sounds like it’s cheaper/easier to install those during manufacturing.

  5. I will definitely plan to install a camera eventually. Sounds like this will require them to pull apart all the insulation and rubber that was just installed, which makes me sad lol… unless there’s another way?! Wireless?

I am in the Gulf South, I have AC in my tackroom, and have used it exactly once (bought trailer in 2008). It was nice that one time, but you have to be able to park it somewhere you can plug it in. Since trailer parking at the shows I go to is nowhere near an outlet, that means either paying for an RV spot (no LQ on mine so a waste, and RV parking is farther away than trailer parking), or use a portable gas generator (loud, have to bring gas, and need to make sure the exhaust can’t get into the trailer or into the AC).

So I’d save your money.

I am constantly puzzled as to why my tack room has carpet anywhere or why that seems to be the default in tack rooms. I would definitely prefer any other type of flooring that could be easily swept. I don’t know quiet what “rubber” would look like, but if that would be like rubber stall mats then definitely yes.

I actually can’t picture if I have carpet on the wall near the horse compartment where the bridle hooks are. I don’t think so? But I’m not sure!

An insulated tack room has been a god send for us. It stays cooler if parked in the shade. And we can leave items packed in it without mildew damage. So ours is insulated with paneling over. I’d put some high shelving for storage with a 3" front to hold items during transport for paper goods for eating, extra TP some dry storage food items. Totes for toiletries, extra towel, medical emergency items. rain gear - whip holder brackets, Also haul some home water with you.

I’d pay extra to spray insulate the roof area over the horses also to deflect some roof heat. And roof vents over every stall area.

That’s a great point about not having anywhere to plug it in…I’m afraid that would probably be the case for me too. These are all the details I’m trying to think of now so thank you LOL

Yes it would be rubber like rubber mats! It sound a like a great idea to me - I just can’t figure out why I’ve never seen it before :sweat_smile:

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I have always had 4 Stars; I put fans in the horse area, rubber on the tack room floor, WERM flooring this time in the horse area, and I got a six foot ramp instead of a five foot ramp. It isn’t much heavier than the five foot, with their way lift ramp. I also insulate the roof in the horse area. I think insulated walls are standard.

So I’ve already chosen an insulated ceiling which will be in both the horse area and the tack area. I asked about insulating the walls in the tack room as well, but the dealer seemed to think that wasn’t necessary. Shelves are a great idea! I’ll ask if they can add that. Thank you!

Do the fans make a significant difference? They seem so small I was wondering how much air they actually push

I don’t know about significant, but they do move air when you are stuck in traffic. They also drown out road noise.

I went with rubber in the tack room. Carpet is so impractical. I haven’t regretted it

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I think fans are worth it. They are in a metal box in the heat so anything helps. I really only have experience with hardwired cameras.

I actually like carpet on the walls. There is inevitable friction when hauling and I feel like it’s easier on tack that hangs. It also dampens sound. Carpet on the floor can be a pain. Rubber mats are easier and I prefer them.

I also agree about the A/C and say it depends on your lifestyle. If you show up to shows in a huge field, likely nothing to plug into. But if you also camp and take a generator or go places with a hook up, it’s nice.

I’ve always thought the stalls in 4stars were spacious. Sounds like plenty of room.

I have insulation on walls and ceiling in both horse and tack, recommend you do the same.

I have rubber on my floor in the tack room, covered with some vinyl flooring to make it fancier. Still cleans up easy peasy. Factory installed carpet is glued down with the force of many gorillas, go with rubber.

Wiring up a wireless camera system was not hard. Just had to find power and it was done.

My custom 4-star is a 2019.

I just got fans installed in my trailer this year and I think they help. I was happy to have them to keep some circulation moving when in traffic. It also made me feel better to have them after a clinic when I threw my still hot guy in the trailer for the 10 minute ride home where I could then give a more leisurely bath and cool down. They aren’t that expensive.

I don’t know if this is possible with the 2 + 1 configuration, but with my 3-horse slant I had the triangle of space that’s created by the foremost stall closed off so that it’s a separate closet from the tack room. I keep all the “tools” in there – shovel, broom, shavings fork, more buckets than I’ll ever need, hoses, extra hay bags, etc. I put any blankets that I’ll need in there as well (keeps the dirty blanket smell out of the tack room). The large water receptacle lives in there as does the saddle rack that came with the trailer. What I love about this configuration is that it separates the really grotty stuff from the tack room (which has carpeting…).

No glued-in carpet on the tack room floor. It inevitably gets wet and then mildews. Well, depending on where you live… it was fine in Arizona but I wouldn’t do it on the east coast! Either have them leave it bare metal, or get their rubber mat. If you’re going to camp in the dressing room and want carpet, then buy some Flor carpet squares. You can take them out and hose them off if they get dirty.

I would get a door from the dressing room to the horse area.

If you want cameras and fans, just have the manufacturer do it or at least pre-wire for them. They can be wireless for the signal but they still need power. And figuring out what wire goes where is a pain after the fact. We wired my cameras into the power for the running lights.

I’m a fan of the two separate spaces that @lintesia describes. To get it in a straight load you can still slant the dressing room wall and then draw the straight line across to cut it off for the second space. Trails West has some floor plans like this.

A 2+1 will have a front ramp. Consider a ramp over full back doors for the back. If you’re loading two from the rear it is very nice to have the first one completely contained with the door shut while you deal with the second. Not a big deal if you plan to load from the side ramp.