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Custom bit makers?

I need a very thin (less than 12 mm) but long (6" or more) loose ring snaffle or bradoon to sit on top of my Fjord pony’s driving bit. The bradoon would attach to side checks that attach to his bridle and harness, and work independently of the driving bit. I have not been able to find a braddon/snaffle bit for sale with these dimensions. Can anyone recommend a custom bit maker?

You could try them, father and son, make all kinds of special order bits and fancy silver ones too:


John Barker
Excellent work :yes:

www.horseloverz.com has it, item# 200-131354 price is $11.49 The 6" is In Stock.

smith-worthington or drafthorsetack.

google draft horse bradoon; this is a $20 bit, no need for custom