Custom Boots - for all phases?

So there is a topic in Dressage & in the Hunter Jumper Forum about custom boots. But looking for an eventers opinion since we do both dressage and jumping.

My feet are very large (woman’s 12) and I have been able to get away with an ariat 11, but they are tight. I need some new boots soon, so I begin looking at custom boots. What brands do you suggest?

Currently the Pioneer Boots and the Celeris boots intrigue me, but then there are so many different styles as well. I think I want a boot that I can school all phases in, and show in as well, so they need to hold up.

What brands (and styles within the brand) do you suggest? Anyone have any horror or good stories about any custom boots?

Since you are looking for durability, I would suggest Dehner, they last forever and are beautiful (mine are more than 50 years old although I only rode in them for about 10-12 years). Get them fully lined, harder to break in but it helps them hold up. The basic dress boot works for all three phases of eventing.

There are lots of more fashionable boots out there but many, judging from what I read on these forums, don’t hold up to heavy riding the way Dehner and Vogel do.

There are horror stories about every brand of custom boot, getting measured by someone who really knows what they are doing is essential to get a well fitted boot.


There are a handful of people I know who like LM boots for all three phases since they tend to be softer. I’ve been eyeballing celeris personally, but the only ones I’ve seen in-person are from DQs who go for much stiffer than I would personally prefer for jumping. One time I forgot my field boots and only had my super stiff petrie dress boots - had to jump in them and hated every second of it.

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Yikes, I once tried a friend’s Petrie dressage boots, I couldn’t even walk in them much less jump, they were so stiff!

I outgrew my custom 1975 Dehners. In 1994 I bought a pair of lightly used Dehners- the gal used them only for showing and they were like new. She ordered them in 1981. After 27 years of regular hard use I’ve finally worn them out- the leather is cracking around the ankles. They still clean up great and the soles are in perfect condition. A store had a Memorial Day sale on Tredstep tall boots so I’ve ordered a pair of them to see if they will be an ok replacement because I have less hard riding years ahead of me now.

Add me to the list recommending Dehners. I’ve had my black ones since 2006 or so; the brown since 2014, and have worn both for all 3 phases for years, including course walks through dew and rain on the one days when I just ship down for the day. They still fit perfectly and look fantastic. Both are fully lined field boots. The brown were much easier to break in because they have a curved seam at the heel rather than the square one my black pair has.