Custom browbands

A friend has just found out that her trainer believes her and her mare will be at fourth/PSG by next year. She has ordered her first double but I’d love to get her a custom brow band for the double. Any suggestions on places to look? I know nothing about doubles so I don’t know if they need larger loops etc so ANY guidance would be much appreciated.

Measure her existing browband as it’s a key piece of fitting a bridle. Too tight it pills on ears, too big it sticks out weirdly.

I would post this in the dressage forum. Agree that the browband can dictate the fit, especially if it’s too small. I’ve never had an issue re loops except if they are too big and slide around.


My favorite is Topline Leather :slight_smile:

Oops. I thought it went to the dressage forum. It’s been a long week already if you can’t tell.

I knew someone who had a Pink Equine browband years ago that was really pretty, and they have a nice site where you can customize it and see how it looks!

Also, is Browbands by Design still around? I can’t remember if they did custom or not, but had nice ones.

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