Custom Chaps?

I’m looking to have a pair of shotgun chaps made. Smooth out, full brass zip and long sewn on fringe with a cuffed bottom. Prefer yoke and belt made of the same chap materials not heavier leather. Any maker suggestions? TIA

How much do you want to spend?


Not a fortune. I’m hoping around $500.Screenshot_20221113-182245_Gallery

Try Mike Strong in Fallon, NV. He is very reasonably priced and made to order.
If you need a phone number, PM me.
I had him make my show chaps last winter. Chocolate chap hide, smooth side out, fringe, pocket, contrasting lace, conchos down the sides, tooled belt and I sent him the buckles I wanted on them. I still need him to fit my cuffs.
Ordered them at the NFR had them at my door by April.
Cost about $550.

Dave makes beautiful chaps:


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Thanks Aces! I’ll see if I can find d him.

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Dave Thorbury makes beautiful chaps but his stock chaps start at about $700…

Big Bend Saddlery are makers of real-deal cowboy gear. They custom make leggings/chaps, plus they have many stock made pairs in their store. They might already have what you’re looking for - they’ll be happy to talk with you on the phone about what they’ve got and how much for custom.

Thank you so much!

Hmmm… since Thornbury is just 20 minutes from me, maybe I should get some. But honestly, I can’t think of when/how I would use them in SoCal. I think they’d be too warm.

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Just get lightweight drapey chinks.

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I am in Southern California and does get a bit cold as far as I’m concerned but it does depend on where you are of course.

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I am in Thousand Oaks area, and it does get chilly some days, but it seems it is my upper body that needs the warmth. I would love to have a pair though, lol. Santa?

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You should just go look since you are so close😁.

My husband gave me a pair years ago. Dave does beautiful work.


Kara Gray in Kentucky
Chris Wiley in Virginia

Kara is an unbelievable artist.
Chris does more straight forward work but man does his stuff last. I have chaps that I have truly beat the crap out of, they have been shown in hundreds of times and they still clean up like new.

Depends on what you want the chaps for. Working/ranch horse are going to be different than show chaps.

If you want show chaps, best in class is Bonnie Caylor. She has been making chaps for 50 years in her little shop in Southern California and her fit and craftsmanship are superb. Plus she is a hoot!

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I had a beautiful pair made years ago from Rod’s Western Palace. Cuffs and I was able to choose the leather for the yolk as well as buckles.