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Custom CWD Saddle Questions

Finally ordered my custom CWD! Decided to go with a size 17 med-deep seat with long flaps, pro panel to fit multiple horses in dark (chocolate) brown!

So, now I have some questions I was hoping to have answered by users on here who have gone through the process of purchasing a custom CWD Sellier saddle.

(I know these are all questions I can ask my rep but I would like to hear what others have to say)

1.) What is the typical wait for the saddle to come in the mail? (My rep told me 6 weeks)

2.) Is the saddle oiled after it is made, or are the new saddles really stiff and not conditioned when you receive them?

3.) How long does it take to break in a new CWD saddle?
(Should I expect the saddle to be stiff/uncomfortable for a period of time?)

4.) Is it common with a new saddle while being broken in to cause a horses back to become sore?

My saddle arrived about 2 weeks earlier than the expected due date, I think that was about 6 weeks. I specifically asked to have my saddle oiled before it was shipped, so the stiffness was minimal and it broke in quickly. I think that has to do with the quality of the leather as well though, the combination of beautiful leather and the oiling made the entire break-in process very easy. So while it was slightly stiff in the beginning, it was never uncomfortable IMO. Of course, I was used to riding in a Stubben Siegfried so most anything would have felt more comfy I guess. I would not expect a horse to become back sore while the saddle is being broken in.

8 weeks

I requested they oil mine, which they did. That said, my rep told me to smear it with the balm that they sent after my first ride, which I also did. It is a lovely dark brown color and has remained that way with regular use of CWD products.

No. A custom saddle should not make your horse’s back sore.

Enjoy- they are great saddles when they fit correctly!

Mine took 16 weeks. I wish it was only 4 weeks. Honestly my rep told me 8-12 weeks so 16 was disappointing. I also did not know that having them oil it was an option but when it arrived it was already considerably softer than I expected it to be.
Breaking in takes about of a month of continuous riding.
Your horses back should not be sore, if it does get sore I would reach out to your rep.