Custom makers-- Plug your favorites here, please!

As a die-hard Hunter Princess who has waded into the world of Western riding and tack, I find myself jonesing for better quality and or stuff like headstalls made in special dimensions to fit my English-dimensioned horses. I have found a few custom this-n-that makers that I like, but I am sure there is more stuff out there.

A couple I can think of and/or have used:

Fallis Saddles:

The saddle with the monogram on the fender is one that they made for me and my whacky-wide mare. I had wanted one of these forever and ever. I have a very hard-to-fit mare and, luck put me, the mare and John Fallis (second generation saddle-maker) in the same town. My wallet was there, too, sigh. I knew that this mare needed someone who could fit her from the tree up, and John did not disappoint. Fallis saddles have long been the close contact, Crosby Prix-des-Nations of Western saddles. They put you close to the horse and, if you get them rigged right, right up close to the withers. It’s a ride I like.

My favorite rope halter maker, Sundance Halters, no longer does custom work. That’s a bummer, as I got a great training halter with some custom sliding knots up by the pole from her. Here’s her website anyway:

Ooh, and if I had the money, I’d get Frecker’s to make me a saddle:

Last but not least, I think these sisters in Montana make beautiful mohair cinches.

Have you guys used any of these makers, or do you have other favorites?

Anyone have a favorite halter maker?


I’m a big fan of Sunset Halters. They’re in WA, super easy to work with, will customize just about anything, and have good prices.
I’ve got halters 5+ years old that are going strong and still look good.

Quillin Leather & Tack
Paris Kentucky

as for custom saddles, we used North Texas Saddlery in the early 1990s as off the rack saddles would not fit our old style Morgans… I really thought Randy had closed the business which he did but has since reopened the saddle shop on his ranch. But he is the only person I would use

I have a latigo lined and stitched split ear from Lindsey that I love. I’ll be ordering a matching snaffle headstall soon.

I like the hybrid halters from HEC. Saddle wise, Roohide is great for customization; there’s a strong used market for them and you can call Brian or John for direct advice. They seem to pay more attention to tree fit/contact than many of the other big brands. I’m waiting for mine now!

Steve Guitron for romel reins
Lost Buckaroo for chinks/chaps
Mayer Saddlery for saddles
Neue Schule for bits
Jeremiah Watt for conchos & hardware for saddles, bridles & belts
Ariat Rosa jeans and Ariat Abby for riding

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Sunset halters are great.

Jeremiah Watt has made both beautiful saddles and beautiful custom silver bits and spurs, His mass produced stuff is also quality ( egg but snaffle, conchos, buckles, misc stainless steel hardware).

Cary Schwarz. Gorgeous stuff. He uses Warren Wright trees, good stuff.

I really like Greg Gomersall’s work too.

Bill Black or Kirby Orme for braided goods, like romal reins or bosals.

Mike Corcoran used to be my semi-neighbor. His workshop is to die for and his saddles are gorgeous. Very desired in the western dressage world, but he’s done application for all disciplines.