Custom Saddlery Everest R vs Advantage R, and knee roll options explained

The Custom Saddlery webpage does not show any difference between the Everest R and the Advantage R. I have read prior threads and learned the “R” might indicate panel type, and the Everest has short points.

I have looked at the YouTube videos that show the different saddle trees, but the Everest is not there. A prior thread said the Advantage R had the same tree as the Icon Flight.

I am also not sure what the roll/block options are that are listed on the website – does anyone know what they mean?

Also, why doesn’t Custom Saddlery stamp the seat size on their saddles? I have ridden in an older Everest R and Advantage R, but I have no idea of the seat size. Both are comfortable for me. I have ridden in a new Advantage R that is 17.5, and I am normally in an 18 (long femur), and it does feel a little tight compared to the other (unsized) one.

No widths are listed – are the saddles infinitely adjustable?


The everest has a flatter tree than the adv. R does indicate panels. Rolls choices depending on the year because the change in design. They normally have seat size stamped on the flap and yes they are adjustable tree.


The Everest R at the barn was custom ordered, and it only has a serial number. Owner doesn’t know seat size, but I suspect it is 18 or 18.5 based upon our relative heights. Can it’s build be looked up on a serial number list somewhere? Advantage R at the barn has ZERO stamping, I have looked everywhere – maybe it just wore off?

Are both trees the same? Is one more curvy than the other, or is it same tree and just rider seat that differs?

What type of roll choices are available? Long vs short, I imagine, and then are the 3 other options related to angle or thickness of roll?

Appreciate your expertise! I saw that you were a rep!


Yes they are different trees. Adv more curvy than everest. Yes you can get the info with the serial number. Roll choices right now are: solo short roll, R2, Icon 2 short an long.

Thank you, @sheltona01.

Are the roll choices simply styles that are found on the other saddles? For instance, is the “solo short roll” the same as the Wolfgang Solo Short Roll?

(And I have no idea what an “R2” roll might be like!)

I hate to be bugging you, but appreciative of your answers!

Yes, they mainly go across the models.

R2 is a semi long roll with a little curve.

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And R1 - I just checked their site to be sure, since I’ve had my new saddle with an R1 for a few months now and wondered if something had changed.

R1 is no longer available.

You can custom order any roll on any saddle. All of mine are non-standard combinations. One of the photos here shows some of the options (but is not from the current year so there have been changes).

Thank you @joiedevie99 – that was a helpful page! And who knew I could get tooling on the cantle, lol.

I am beginning to wonder how anyone narrows down their selection – so I like the Advantage R, and it is the same tree as Icon Flight – so maybe I would like that one better, but I can’t quite tell what the differences are.

There needs to be a cheat sheet, especially now, with Covid, it seems the amount of demo saddles available has dwindled …


Regarding Custom Saddles, as the owner of an Icon Flight and a Wolfgang Constanze, I have found they fit my horses quite nicely and the ability to adjust the tree is awesome. That said, I will not buy another one; I find the leather quality and/or workmanship is below average. Both of mine got wrinkles or waves in the seat after a year or so (there was another thread about this a while back). The blocks got holes in the leather due to some rubbing from my knee on both saddles. I am not a knee gripper, but have short legs…
The Icon Flight had some stitching come undone, and in addition to the seat wrinkles, the leather cracked and split under my right seatbone.
These saddles were used generally 5-6 days/week, one ride by smaller adult 45-60 minutes.

@2tempe, are your saddles newish?

I am primarily looking at ones already in use at my barn, that get daily riding. Most are 5-7 years old, and seem to be in good shape. I don’t think there are any that are just 1-2 years old. Oh, and all are buffalo leather – that might make a difference?

I will ride in a Flight today. Curious to see if it feels similar to the Advantage R as they have the same tree.

I am finding that most everyone loves their saddle, especially the Wolfgang Solo and the Revolution (no longer made).


I’m curious what you’ll find, as the Flight I tried something like 8-10 years ago was nearly unsittable for me, but I love my Advantage R.

@netg I will keep you posted!

I rode in Everest R yesterday and the seat felt bigger than the Advantage R, but the same rider owns both saddles, so I believe the saddles are the same size and what I was feeling was @sheltona01 comment about Everest R being flatter tree and maybe a flatter, more open seat.

Not sure if I like it better than the Advantage R or not, they are a tie right now.

I also rode in a Takt, but it was similar to my Lemke, and for where I am now, I think I prefer the deeper seat and knee rolls of the CS saddles. I have had a couple years off due to health reasons and getting back into more serious riding, I like the more secure feeling! Plus I am 66 and age is conspiring against me, lol!

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Well, tried the Icon Flight. I could tell it was along the same lines as the Advantage R, but surprisingly I felt more cramped in it than I did in the same size Advantage R. They have the same tree, so it was either a curvier saddle, or since I wasn’t on my horse, but a curvier horse, the combo of saddle flocking and horse made me feel that way.

The flight is a monoflap, and I think they consider the Advantage a “single flap,” but I only noticed the difference in the seat.

Given that my horse is a flatter back, and the Flight/Advantage R trees are the same, I suspect that means the Everest R would fit my horse better. We’ll see. Fitter is back in a month, and I have run out of saddles to try, lol!