Custom Saddles and Half pads?!

Ok, I recently took the plunge and purchased a custom saddle after spending the majority of the year trying to get a saddle to fit my boy without making his back sore. I have had good luck with my current Ogilvy Gummy half pad which is buffering and keeping the saddle ok until the new one arrives. I am looking to continue using a half pad as I (and I am sure my horse does too) appreciate that extra level of shock absorption and comfort. Thoughts?

The saddle fitter liked the Ogilvy Gummy half pad, but I would love to know opinions. I am also looking at Thinline, the slim style Winderen half pad, and maybe equifit. Please help with some other brand suggestions or experiences! thanks so much!!

Whatever you do, run it past your fitter to make sure that it won’t compromise the fit of your new saddle.

I have had Thinline approved for this purpose. I’m also a big fan of Ecogold, but this is thicker (they make a half pad, but I used their contoured pad.) If the Gummy pad got the thumbs up from the fitter already, why fix what isn’t broken?


Thin line or the equifit pads. Both are quite thin. Depending on the saddle/horse, you may be able to use the gummy pad still though. I’d ask your saddle fitter.

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You really shouldn’t need a half pad with a well fitting saddle. If you want a little shock absorption here and there or some minor fit issues I like the thinline pads that are shimmable. I find the Ogilvy too bulky.

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Some horses prefer a half pad and some don’t. My last horse really preferred minimal padding under a well fitted saddle. Current horse, I think because of his confirmation at withers and shoulder, prefers a half pad or at least a sheepskin backed pad, so I get my saddles fitted to accommodate them—I do not get the saddle fitted to him directly and then try to stuff a half pad under.