CWD hunter 2gs?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with the new cwd hunter style 2gs? On that note, I was also wondering the ballpark price, so I know what I am getting into before I have a rep come. Thanks!

No experience to speak of aside from looking at one in the booth, but I’m pretty sure they’ll run you about $6-7k new, depending on what leather you choose.

This is completely just my opinion - but I find the hunter version ugly. I’ve seen a ton of the regular CWD 2GS saddles in the hunter ring this past summer and honestly, unless you’re looking for it as they go around, you don’t really notice the carbon fibre parts. I’d just go with a regular 2GS if you’re sure that’s the saddle you want. And, if a new one is out of your budget, the normal 2GS is easier to find used too :wink:

The regular grain calf one looks nicer than the full calf or buffalo–those have the logos printed on in white, making them even more conspicuous than the carbon fiber version, while they are just stamped on the grain calf.

The grain starts at 6600 and the calf and buffalo are 7600, I believe.

I bought one early this year and love it, except for the ugly logo on the cantle.