CWD Integrated Panels/CWD 2G

Hi, there! I’m new the to forum, so I’m sorry if there is already a thread on this topic… I couldn’t find anything.:confused: I’m very interested in getting a CWD 2G saddle, and I found one used for a pretty good price with integrated panels! :lol: I just don’t know how the integrated panels works. I currently have a 6"ish tree kind of horse and am wondering if (with the integrated panels) the saddle will fit her. Any opinions on the integrated panels and what you think about the 2G saddle is greatly appreciated!


Integrated panels don’t affect the fit. That just means the panels are sewn directly into the flap instead of sitting below it.

You need to find out about the tree width and panel configuration of that saddle.

I rode in a 2g the days ago and my horse LOVED it. I did not. CWD=costly wooha destroyer