CWD Saddle Trade In - Experiences Anyone?

Hello everyone…

I received a Bruno saddle in May 2016- to my dismay does not fit my legs half as I would have wanted it to. Bummed because I have paid lots for this saddle and currently can’t cash in for more. However, I have found a saddle trade in program at CWD. Any experiences with this anyone? My saddle is less than a year old, do you guys think its possible to do a trade in for a similar condition/new saddle without chipping in extra? Any insight on the trade in program would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Depends on several things…location, the rep and what you’re buying. I was told no despite them having another of what I was wanting to trade in. You might be better off selling it on your own on Facebook or a similar type site.

It depends how quickly you need that saddle gone for a new saddle. In my case, I actually ended up selling my saddle (privately) before I found a new one, so I ended up in a bit of a pickle for a few weeks as there was nothing in the barn I could even borrow that was big enough for my moose who is VERY picky about saddles. I found that I got way better bang for my buck by selling it privately. It’s kind of like trading in vehicles, you have to remember that they have to turn around and sell it for a profit too, so you won’t be getting near market value for it.

If your saddle is a popular size configuration and an “in” brand, and you need it gone quickly, price it a little below the “market” value, and it should sell privately quite quickly depending on your area. If it is a bit of an obscure combination or brand, you may be better off trading it in if they will take it, but I would pop it for sale on FB for at least a week just to see if there is any interest first. Good luck! Either way, just know that you are highly unlikely to recuperate the money that you have into it.

I’ve traded in two CWDs for other CWDs via a rep. IMO the only reason to do a trade-in versus selling your saddle yourself is if you need a new saddle ASAP. Both times, the “trade in value” offer I received was comically low.