CWD Saddle

Recently I’ve been thinking about getting a CWD 2G saddle, but have a few questions before I go about getting one:

  1. What is the biggest tree size that a CWD 2G comes in? I have a wider horse that will need a tree bigger than a 4.5" (which is the biggest I’ve seen).

  2. What is your experience with the 2G’s (and other CWDs), and what did you pay for yours if you bought it new?

  3. Is the CWD 2G allowed in the hunter’s ring (as far as shows go)? I honestly don’t mind if it won’t, as I care about comfort more than anything else.

Any comments highly appreciated!

Can’t speak to 1 (your rep will know), but:

  1. Tried one, loved it, quote was 7k+ but it depends on the leather you get, the taxes where you live, and shipping costs (I think; maybe shipping was free. Taxes are a doozy though.)

  2. I’ve seen them in the hunter ring. They also just started making the hunter version that doesn’t have the plastic parts.

I happened to fall in love with something else just as much that didn’t have as long of a wait so I ultimately didn’t buy it.

Thank you for your reply. That’s a bunch of $! What saddle did you fall in love with?

Don’t know answer to #1
2) Bought the SE02 seat in 17.5 in grain and calf combo. Paid $6,100 with two sets of free leathers, cover, backpack, shirt, and a jacket. Later,(within 4-5 weeks of purchase) got a pretty good discount on a bridle and a girth. My daughter loves it. She has a very long femur and this saddle helped get her leg in a great position. We chose to go with grain flaps as she was at the time riding up to 8 per day. Currently she is at 4 per day and the saddle is beautifully broken in with no signs of adverse wear. We did the calf seat and the calf knee rolls. Ours seems to fit a pretty wide variety of horses. Rep got the saddle to us in about 8 weeks if I recall correctly.

3)She does the hunters and the eq. Has not had anyone comment on the tack at all.

She also has the hunter version of the CWD in buffalo and she loves that saddle. It is a little wider though and does not seem to be as flexible in what it fits. She tried Voltaire, Antares, Bruno DelGrange and another that I cannot recall off the top of my wee little brain. She seemed to just click in the CWD. Though saddles are such a personal thing, they may not be for everyone!

The SE02 is different, unless that refers to an SE02 seat on a 2G saddle but I don’t recall my rep presenting it that way. The SE02 was significantly less expensive, doesn’t have the black plastic parts, and I just didn’t care for it (sadly; I really wanted to love it.) I’m no CWD expert though - my info comes from our session with the rep and combing the internet.

I fell in love with the Antares Signature instead. I had time concerns (horse was uncomfortable and hating my old saddle, and I was struggling with it over bigger fences) so that certainly factored into my choice. If/when another horse comes into my rotation, I’ll look at the 2G again.

The 2G/2Gs only has one tree size. If you need a med-wide or wide, you have to go with one of their regular models. In general the 2Gs costs about $2k more than the others, depending on your leather choices

Ive had m 2G for about eight months and love it. My horse is almost impossible to fit a saddle correctly - he’s 17’2 with shark fin withers and a slightly lower back. So other saddles either sit right down on his withers - or the saddle rocks. The rep took a lot of measurements and spent extra time making sure it would fit. After we got it, we sent it back for more adjustments and now it is totally delightful.

The seat is SO comfortable and for the first time, my horse is really happy with the fit of the saddle. He is much softer and now his stride is lovely. My 2G has the plastic labels on it and my trainer said it could be an issue if I were showing hunters - but I dont.

My guy is a greenie but we are heading towards jumpers. Of all the saddles Ive had over the yrs, this is by far the MOST comfortable saddle. It puts me in the right position and its easy to stay there. I spent a little under 7 thousand. It was my retirement gift to myself !

Oh, btw, the hunter version has the carbon fiber bits covered up with leather panels, but they still stamp very white logos on, so to me, I’d rather get the regular one in a darker oiled leather, which is in fact what I’ve ordered :slight_smile:

I did try a med-wide SE01 on my horse first before making the decision.

Mine daughters is whatever the equivalent to SE02 seat. The hunter saddle we have is the all leather, not the 2Gs. The two saddles do fit differently. Our 2Gs has the carbon fiber “bits” It is a 2014 model. Hunter saddle is a 2013. Wish saddler fitting was a one size fits all! yeah right!

I have a 2gs. I have had an SEO1 and an SEO2 and I thought I liked them. Then I made the mistake of sitting in one of these, and there is no going back. I have seen some trainers in the hunters with the jumper version, if I showed a hunter at this point I’d have to use it, since it’s my only saddle.

Speaking to #3, George Morris made a comment about it being too blingy during the jumper group of one of his clinics. True story. So I might not show up with it at a medal finals he was judging. Not that this will ever be an issue for me.

Peggy, we won’t have that problem either. Though a friend of mine was at a GM clinic and the only horses he got on were the ones that had the 2Gs saddles. Perhaps coincidence. Perhaps not. Will never know. We really are at the level that it won’t really matter. I am just glad my daughter finds it comfortable and the horses are going well.

I also saw GM ride a couple of horses in 2G saddles a month ago without comment. He did call out a rider for having too much bling on her belt, though.

I have a CWD 2GS Hunter SE30 (the flatter seat). I demo’d the regular 2GS but found the seat too deep and it put me in a chair seat. Mine does not have white stamps on the flaps on the leather that covers the carbon fibre bits. I’m told this might have been a mistake that they didn’t stamp the 2GS branding in white, I think it looks much better left brown.

I previously had a SE02. I find my 2GS is much wider than my SE02, but it is still narrower than my friend’s new CWD SE01. I find the seat much more comfortable than my SE02. My horse doesn’t really seem to notice the difference between the 2GS and the SE02.

It was expensive, about 2k more than my friend’s new regular CWD.