CWD serial numbers?

Long story short, I’m an eventer going through saddle fit hell (yet again) and rode in a friend’s CWD today and fell in LOVE. Saddle fits horse even better and he hasn’t gone better since I’ve got him.
Saddle really is a perfect fit for both of us, and I’d like to find exactly this saddle. Thankfully my budget allows that.

From what I’ve been told, it was an off the rack saddle versus a custom? I don’t know if that’s true/if CWD does that though. I have pictures of the saddle itself and the serial numbers and would love any kind of identification.

Also, someone far more knowledgeable than I could probably tell me my next steps in this, too. I’m in MA, is there a local rep I can contact to organize a fitting or something for this saddle? I’ve looked on the CWD site but am not quite sure.

Saddle 1 2
Serial # 1
Looks like SE02 170 TR 2L PD
PA 705 305 RT
12 21059


SE 02 is a half deep seat.
170 is 17" seat
TR is tree regular
2L is flap lenght (read 2 long)
705 and 305 means the panels are slightly thicker than the regular 700 and 300
The first 2 numbers of the serial number are the year the saddle was made