Cwd Stirrup leathers?

Just bought myself my first Cwd saddle. Wondering which Cwd stirrup leathers are better? The Full Leather Stirrup leathers or the Nylon Lined Stirrup Leathers? Not sure which last better/are better. Thanks!

I would go with something nylon-lined, they seem to last a lot longer and are nicer. The leather is generally softer as well, especially on a saddle.

I personally love my Devoucoux jumping leathers (not the Saumur, but the “jumping” leathers) that are almost the same as the So Jump CWD stirrups. They are very comfy and nicely made.

Agree with above. Nylon-lined will last longer. I had a pair FOREVER. They never changed length but I had to replace them because the leather was so worn. Enjoy your new saddle!

Nylon-lined for sure - after trying several kinds including the CWD ones that came with my saddle, I have gone back to the Prestige nylon lined leathers as my favorites.

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