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Dale Chavez saddles

Do these saddles keep there value? I got to ride in a nice equitation one when I was trying a horse. It was wonderful. Ever since been kind of keeping my eye out for one with less bling.

See a lot advertised for under 2k, saddles that I see similar new for 5 & up. Am I looking at 2 different dale Chavez saddleries? Do they not hd their value? What do I look for?

I love mine and have loved almost all of the ones I’ve ridden in, I bought mine used for…1100 I think, and it was quite old… though well maintained.

They’re not super expensive (well, compared to Harris and Blue Ribbon) and I think they hold their value at that mid-range. Pleasure saddles might drop a bit, but the reining and western dressage saddles seem to hold pretty firm.

At least, in my experience, but it’s been a few years since I’ve even thought about saddle shopping, and haven’t really kept up.

If I were going to purchase a new pleasure saddle, I’d actually start my search with Chavez. Like I said, I really like them.

Edited to add, I guess they do drop a bit used. All of mine have been used and they’ve all still been high quality, if that’s what you’re asking.

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No, they don’t hold their value. I don’t know a single person above the local open show level who rides in one.

Harris and Blue Ribbon hold their value. Wenger also tends to be lumped in with the saddles that hold their value as they’re built well and made to last.

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They used to hold their value well. I honestly don’t know how they are viewed today, but they are/were the go to saddle in the Morgan western pleasure arena when I was still showing.

I remember when buying a Chavez saddle was like buying a Porsche.


@Knights_Mom they were all the rage in the early 90s. I had a Dale Chavez show halter that I won tons of halter and showmanship classes with!

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I remember those days very well. And I too has a big, chunky, silver halter though it wasn’t a Chavez.

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I had two Chavez saddles both bought back in the mid 90s. Back then they had two quality levels, a mid and high range. My show saddle and work saddle had the same seat and tree, show saddle was high end. Sold it when I quit training, and still have the work saddle. Comfy and well made. Sad to hear they’ve changed.

I was organizing photos on my computer this weekend and came across these pictures from October of 2015 at a large tack shop in Tennessee. The saddle and accompanying tack were all absolutely gorgeous! If this was the price 8 years ago, imagine what it would be now!


That is a very pretty saddle! Blinding silver, deep tooling. Just WAYY beyond my budget and not showing to need one.

I do have a Chavez bit I got at a tack store sell-out auction. Tag said $425. I think I paid $75. Haven’t used it yet, But I think I could “talk to a horse” pretty nicely with it. Black iron circle with sliding jointed mouth, almost no shank length . Big pieces of engraved silver crossing the circle sides for sparkle. Nicely made. Tack store owner said it was a custom bit order, but buyer never came back for it.

Kind of like buying the keyring with the emblem instead of getting the entire car!! Ha ha

That is an absolutely gorgeous saddle.

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My first show saddle was a Chavez. I loved it. I spilled Coke on myself while sitting in that saddle and stained the light suede seat, which unfortunately looked like I’d wet my pants on it. I couldn’t live with that! I sent the saddle to the Chavez shop and they replaced it with black suede and were pretty great to work with.

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Am I allowed to say that I have a beautiful DC that I could be convinced to part with.


That’s a helluva saddle!

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It sure is. It’s stunning and comfortable. Just doesn’t fit my horses

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