Dallas Dressage Barns

Hi all! I’m moving to downtown Dallas soon and am looking for a place to board my horse. My main priority is finding a barn with top care i.e. super footing, safe turnout, competent people. I’m willing to drive about an hour or so in any direction to find this. My horse doesn’t love turnout so would prefer a place that has smaller paddock options and stalls with windows. I am also willing to pay pretty much anything for this top care. Do you all have any suggestions for barns?

no advice on Dressage barns But… I 30 from downtown East toward Rockwall to just outside of the 635 loop is getting ready to be ripped apart expanding to ten lanes…

One hour driving time from downtown north or east might not get you to where you would like.

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Ahh thank you for the info. Do you think that once the construction is finished barns in those directions would be about an hour away?

I believe the moon will turn into cheese first. I am over by Fort Worth “inside the loop 820 on the northeast side”…there has been none stop construction on short segments since 1996… the one major intersection of 820/183/121 has been rebuilt three times and each is worse than before… not bad for over $2b spent. Now the southern section of this intersection is being “rebuilt” down to I-30

I believe most of the barns that will be of interest will either be east or north of downtown (other option would be southern Denton County but that would be about 1.5 hours depending upon time of day). Getting north is a straight shot but again traffic is pretty close to driving in hell.

Traffic is relentless. Used to be only during the expected rush hour times but now it is not much different than Los Angels type traffic around the clock

Welcome to the area, it has a lot of advantages but remember you will be just one more of the nearly 400,000 who move in here every year.

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I lived there for a few years if I was moving back I’d look at Southern Comfort as a top choice.