Dam's pedigree help

I’m looking into a nice 2yo colt for a potential event horse (if I do end up with him he will be gelded) I am familiar with his sire’s line as he(sire) is a local horse owned by a good friend but am unfamiliar with the dam’s line, if anyone could dissect it I would be very appreciative.
‘Exit Light’ (http://racingaustralia.horse/FreeServices/PedigreeReport.aspx?RefNo=6866589)


I’ve just put this mare into PQ here: http://www.pedigreequery.com/index.php?query_type=horse&search_bar=horse&h=EXIT+LIGHT2

Probably the most interesting thing she has going for her in the dam line, at least to me, is Skymaster, who is in the pedigree of many Irish Sport Horses.

I’m not personally familar with many Australian/New Zealand TB lines in sport, but many of the horses who were sent down there and found in this pedigree are pretty well proved for sport in Europe. In terms of the engine room (4th generation to ninth generation) she is packed with great names from the best British lines, and most of those have been successful in sport TBs. They are the classic British/Irish turf distance horses.

One oddity in Tail Female is that the mare who was sent to New Zealand was born in Belgium of GB parents.