Darco, QdR, Cruising & Mr. Blue Frozen Semen Search

Hello Breeders- If you have Quidam de Revel, Darco, Mr. Blue, or Cruising in your tanks that your willing to sell or know of anyone I could contact, please message me. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Have you tried http://www.shelbournefarm.com/ourhorses.html
for Cruising?

Windsor Farm in VA sells both Darco and QdR. I last looked into it last year and the QdR was $8500/dose with no LFG.

I have tried Shelbourne Farms and they have a waiting list for Cruising. Windsor did carry Quidam and Darco, however, when I looked at Dr. Ley’s website who holds the semen for Windsor, it says he is sold out for both of these boys. Any other suggestions would be great. There is someone I know who has Mr. Blue semen although Equine Reproduction Concepts will not give out the name…

Call Alex Korompis directly at Windsor Farm


He has Darco and Quidam and he knows where to get Mr. Blue


We heard about the “waiting list” for Cruising frozen per Shelbourne several years ago but learned elsewhere if you want Cruising, go directly to Ireland. We ended up buying a Cruising mare.


There is an Irish Draught list on Yahoo. You might join and ask there.

Also there is a son of his standing here in VA
though I noticed the website is rather out of date

WOW, also founf this

SIL collects nutcrackers. Can I collect frozen semen?

I have few straws of Darco for sale if interested. steveafa(at)gmail.com

I have one straw Mr blue! Also free for icsi. kroellphillip@hotmail.com