De Niro quick soft tall boots - experience?

Has anyone seen/bought/ridden in these? I can’t seem to find anything about them online but my local tack store sells them. They’re lovely looking but soft unlike the rest of the De Niro boots that seem to have a more “stovepipe” feel. Just curious if anyone else has them and can give feedback on durability, etc. Thanks!

run a thread search. This has been discussed deeply and rather recently.

i did a thread search and found nothing for “deniro quick boots” - can you link something then?

interesting, those ones from smartpak are ~$300 more than the ones my tack store carries, have the zipper along the inner shin (instead of up along the back of the calf) which is why i felt they were not the same boot. :confused:

I don’t really know, so check it out farther. But…I don’t think the ones SmartPak carries are what they call quick-soft or soft-quick. The link below may be the model your tack store carries. Apparently you can get them without the laces so that they don’t look like field boots. If you go to the DeNiro site, you can download their whole catalog. They make a lot of styles that vary in price, so I would check with the merchant you buy from to make sure you are not comparing apples to oranges.

brilliant ToN Farm! those look exactly like the ones at my local store (they have both the field and dress option).

with that being said - does anyone have any experience with these?

Did you end up getting the DeNiros? I just tried them on at my local shop and they fit perfectly, which is not easy to do with my legs. I am considering getting them, but I was hoping to read good reviews first. I just want to make sure they are sturdy enough, as they are very soft. But I cannot find much info.

I did actually and I love them! I’ve been riding in them 5 days a week for I think 6-7 months now and they’re wonderful. They were immediately comfortable to ride in and that hasn’t changed. I use them for both schooling and show - they clean up well and have held up well (granted ~6 months isn’t a long time by any means) and I’m not particularly nice to my boots. For the price, they were and are well worth the money. Actually, I’m tempted to get a second pair to keep as just for shows. :wink: