Dealing with muscle soreness

Hoping this topic doesn’t already have its own thread. I searched and couldn’t find it so…

I just published the blog post linked below. I share the ways I have been dealing with muscle soreness and other pain related to riding, and i am really hoping for more ideas.
What are your favorite remedies?
And thanks for sharing!

My recovery time improved a lot after I started taking a daily multivitamin.

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Other exercise outside riding. Swimming helps me with core strength and stamina.

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yes… I’ve found Magnesium, calcium, and Vit d to be essential

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I’m always intrigued to read blogs and yours does not disappoint. What a life and what a b*da$$.

Not only is your life story SO interesting…but it also takes so much time and is very giving to share
via a blog.

I once briefly worked at a TB racing stable and after my first breeze knew it was my last. Just not that tough. And my gut was there would be eventual injury and further pain. So there’s that.

On the thread topic:
What keeps me feeling better is a hard ball and rolling/pressure on tight, sore tissue. Up against a wall, or in the car/truck - sometimes on long drives I’ll just roll back and forth on tight anything…for hours.

Also have a Home Medics Shiatsu massager and use that almost daily.

Find exceptional relief using The Rub arnica cream.

Would pretty much say at 58 feel mostly like 30 much of the time I think due to the above.

But I am a wimp and don’t get myself exhausted or exerted to the point that many of you might.
For me riding for a hour is plenty. At the most 2 hrs if out hacking.


Thank you for the feedback :smiley:
Good suggestions. I’ve had others suggest rolling a ball or bottle against tight muscles, but never tried it. I need to!


And check out Kelly Starrett. He wrote the book The Supple Leopard and has videos on youtube - called Mobility Squad? He’s a very well known PT to pro athletes etc. I already knew about his and was further impressed when the local sports med docs recommended various ball work featured in his book.

It’s painful but sure does release. One that comes to mind is taking hard rubber ball, getting on floor and putting all the weight of your hip socket area into the ball and then rolling around. Wow does it hurt but then voila hip pain gone for months on end.

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Yes, a daily multivitamin and fish oil has helped so much!


Going to try this one! Thanks!