Dehumidifier for tack room -- recommendations?

I’ve been searching for weeks for a portable, energy star rated dehumidifier for my 10 x 12 tack room – no luck finding units for small spaces that don’t have mostly negative reviews = they either don’t pull moisture adequately or they quit working, etc. Only the large room/basement ones (big, heavy 70 pint) seem to be more highly rated.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

I have a Frigidaire 70 pint one and it works great. I use it in my basement/kitchen area and within minutes you can hear water droplets. It fills up pretty fast but does have an automatic shut off and also a timer.

Not sure about the smaller ones but I’ve been happy with mine (had the same one years ago and probably still works - just at my mother’s house and kind of a drive to get it but never had an issue with it).

It does give off a ton of heat but I’ve heard that’s pretty normal so it might get hot inside a 10x12 room pretty quickly.

We bought one from Lowe’s for about $150 (might also be a frigidaire) and it does the trick for about the same size tack room. The key is to run a hose so it continually drains otherwise it will fill quickly and need dumped often.

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Bumping this, hoping tech has moved along in two years…

Also mine has no window or outside access, just the door in the aisle. I am overhauling it some after a pipe burst, nothing major, but would be nice if my bridles didn’t mold as quickly…

I paired this dehumidifier with an exhaust fan powered by a thermostat to pull the heat off. I have been very happy. I am in super humid AL, 12×12 tack and feed room that’s “rustic.”

I drilled a hole in an exterior wall and ran a hose so I don’t have to empty a tank. #worth it.

Vacplus 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier 30 Pints Dehumidifier with Drain Hose with Effortless Humidity Control for Home Medium Spaces and Basements (Nickname: VA-D1903)

With a thermostat
BN-LINK Digital Cooling Thermostat Controller for Cooling Device Circulation Box Fans 40-108F 8.3A 1000W

That powers a fan:
Exhaust Shutter Fan 176 CFM, 2 Direction Reversible Strong Airflow Wall Mounted Vent Fans, Ventilation Blower for Bathroom Attic Window Basement (6 inch / 110V)

What is the climate where you’re located? I have a 70 pt in a small space that gets a lot of use in the fall, winter, and spring here in the PNW.

Sometimes people have had luck keeping the room heated with an oil heater to prevent extra moisture buildup, but that may not apply if you aren’t in a cold and damp area.

I have a 70 pint of this Tosot that has been running nonstop in my basement for 3 years and I love it. Every now and then it tells me to rinse the filter (not change, so no parts to buy), and then it goes along its merry way. It has a pump so I don’t have to dump water (I just run the line into a sink). 50 or 70 pints is probably larger than needed for a tack room, but I would definitely recommend this brand/model given how well mine has worked out.

How big is your tack room? Mine is only 8x12…

Based on your username… Same area as you (Whidbey Is).

@TheJenners The tack room is about 10’x10’ maybe? It’s about the size of a stall. The BO keeps an oil heater on and hasn’t needed a dehumidifier yet. Without the heater it is too damp. There are no windows or ventilation to the room but we haven’t had any tack go moldy. We are in your area, so same climate.

My experience with the dehumidifiers are on boats and RVs. They do produce some heat but it is beneficial until the summer when you don’t need to run the unit anyway.

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It is a 12x12 room that doubles as a tack-feed room. Mine is too big for the room but it is so poorly insulated that I worried I’d need more oomph. It has really worked well for me.

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