Dehydration and Oral Rehydration solution

Does anyone struggle to stay hydrated in hot climates? I seem to be rather heat intolerant. I can feel fine while exercising but come in and drink and drink and drink and just never feel hydrated.

I’ve started making oral rehydration solution. I’m just not certain how much of that to drink and how much water to take with it?

When other people ride with me they don’t seem to have this problem. I’m not sure if I have an additional underlying health issue or if I just have an overly high sweat rate?

Started at 7 am this morning and had to come inside by 10:15 am because I was feeling a bit dehydrated. This is Florida and I really struggle every summer with staying hydrated.

If you feel there might be something underlying that makes you heat intolerant and/or dehydrated, then see your PCP who may refer you to a cardiologist or rheumatologist. Really they’re going to be the ones to tell you how much electrolytes you personally should take for your own personal health needs. Everyone has different “sweat levels”; regardless of my health problems, my whole family sweats a lot, it’s just our luck of the draw. Squeezing my hair out at the end of a ride results in a puddle. If you’re sweating a lot, you do need to drink more water and potentially increase electrolyte intake. My neuromuscular specialist prescribed how much salt I need and how much water as a base level and that was just to avoid syncope, it’s up to me to increase as my body needs, even then the “prescription” is a recommendation. The human body is weird and it’s hard to be exact outside of a lab.

Please check yourself for diabetes at your PCP.

Otherwise I use the gel went for marathon runners when I’m out.

I have a blood glucose meter. My sugar has always tested within normal limits unless I have gastric dumping syndrome. Might be worth checking again.

A friend had that problem and her doctor told her to try drinking some broth during the day.
She thought it helped very much, may want to consider trying that?

I have POTS (along with other things) and during hot, humid weather I don’t often drink so much water as entirely something like electrolytes. I use the electrolyte tablets mostly.

I try and drink something before I go out in the weather and that seems to be better than just trying to catch up once I’m already hot and feeling cruddy.

Rheumatology or cardiology may also be of help. Compression socks help my condition as well.

I’m pretty heat intolerant - always have been, and my hypothyroid has made it more noticeable, especially having moved to a hot, dry climate.

I just use one of the commercial mixes mixed with more water than specified, unless I’ve really allowed myself to get dehydrated, in which case, I mix as directed. Skratch is my favorite - tastes good, mixes cleanly, and does the job well.

I’m in FL too and I hate that it is already so hot in February. I’m watching this thread for some product recommendations

I would definitely get some electrolyte products to try. Drinking all that plain water is just diluting the remaining minerals in your system, which is probably why you don’t feel hydrated. You want to read the labels before buying anything, a lot of the sports drinks and powders out there don’t actually have very much in them aside from sugar. You’re looking for a ratio of salt, potassium, and magnesium, with maybe a little sugar. The ideal amount varies from person to person so you just have to try some things and see what works. I generally feel better when I take something every day instead of waiting until after I start feeling crappy.

The LMNT products are my absolute favorite, especially if you lose a lot of salt in your sweat (look for the white marks as it dries). This stuff keeps me going during the summer. I also use NUUN tablets on days I’m not sweating as much. I like the SOS packets as a back-up option since they’re easy to find at CVS. LiquidIV is popular but it’s too sweet for me, even mixed with double the recommended amount of water. I’ve tried making my own electrolyte drinks at home but typically find that I can’t add enough of the key ingredients to get the benefits without ruining the taste; the commercial products have an advantage on that front.

It’s worth bringing this up with your doctor just in case. The most likely scenario is that you’re just drinking too much plain water and not replacing the minerals you’re losing when you sweat, but in my case heat intolerance and electrolyte issues turned out to be initial symptoms of a more serious condition.

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I drink a 50/50 mix of fruit juice and coconut water with a dash of salt. Much better for you than commercial electrolytes.

I really like Nuun tablets that dissolve in water. The local running shoe store carries them, and in summer I just get an Amazon subscription to keep me supplied.

You have to hydrate prior to your activity. I drink the Nuun electrolytes when I wake up, as I ride, in the car between barns, all day, really. Water isn’t enough anymore.

Good luck. I hope you find a solution.

Also, mineral water is good. We drink Gerolsteiner at home.

I am horrible in the heat and sweat like crazy (plus I work outside on top of trail running and riding). I put myself on a water drinking schedule and make sure I take electrolytes daily. I like LMNT if I’m really sweating or Hammer Fizz on a regular day. If you need fuel with your electrolytes, Tailwinds is pretty good.