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Del eye

I used to have the Parelli one. I really liked it.

This might be helpful.

I love my christ lammfelle (all sheepskin) bareback pad. I just have the basic model but they also make some with cantle and knee rolls. It’s SO comfy, no matter what the weather, and I love that it comes with removable pads for the inside (I removed mine but I appreciated the extra weight distribution if I needed it.) My favorite thing about it though is that it has two billets so you can use a regular dressage girth with it, and it has rings to hook up a breastplate to it if you wanted for extra security, which I always use when I’m doing lots of hill work so it doesn’t slide back.

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I use the beat friends comfort plus, but I also use a fleece lined pad underneath it. I prefer to use the pad because I think it gives some wither relief, and also I use it on my 6 year old OTTB who is still developing a topline.

I typically go out in it for 1 to 1.5hrs. Longer then that and I start to be uncomfortable. I still want to feel like I am bareback, but need a bit of padding for both our sales. I do everything in it, including a hand gallop to get away from flies 🤣 and jump in it as well. My current saddle doesn’t fit my mare, so I am bareback 90% of our rides.