Delaware County, PA - Beginner Lessons

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Where would you recommend for beginner lessons for a 13yo as close to Delaware County (Ridley Park) as possible? This is for my step niece, whose family is very much NOT animal people. Any discipline would be fine.

I am from SE PA originally, but Chester County, plus my contacts are all dated. I know it’s a tough ask to find something in the area given how developed it is. But seeing how not horsey my stepsister and her husband are, I want to set them up at a good place to hedge off future disaster, because they don’t “get” these things.

I know there is likely little to nothing in Delco they could afford, but there may be close options in Jersey I’m not familiar with.

With the disclaimer that I haven’t been involved in years, Delaware County 4-H has beginner riding lessons at their farm in Newtown Square, and it’s very affordable and geared towards people who aren’t necessarily coming from a horsey background. They don’t offer anything more advanced than basic beginners, but it’s a good way to get started and find a community of other “horseless” kids. PA 4-H has always had a near-useless website, so I would contact the office directly or message them on facebook.

Main Line School Night also has lessons held at Valley Forge Military Academy, I don’t know much more than that about it though.

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Thank you @halla! Very helpful!

I had no idea Delaware County had a 4-H before inquiring about this.

I don’t have any personal experience with the facility, but I believe there is a lesson barn located directly in Ridley Creek park. Hidden Valley I believe is the name.

Thanks! I thought that closed years ago, but I guess this is a new operation?