Delete accunt

How do I delete my account?

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If the reason you want to delete is you no longer want to use the forum, I think most people just do not bother coming back instead of actually deleting their account.


It must be possible to get it deleted.

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I know on the old forum there was not.

Why do you need to delete it? Just do not come here if you do not want to and no one will know your account exists in the very long list of user names.

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Again, how do I get my account deleted. This is not the forum I signed up for.

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I’m sure @Moderator_1 could ban you - effectively the same.

This software offers an anonymize feature, where we can keep all the posts from a user, reassigned to a new anonymous username. The user can no longer log into the account or post. It retains IP address information, so we can potentially still use that in the case of a problematic user returning.

This looks like a good compromise to maintaining post history on the site while giving users some more options for leaving if they think that’s necessary.


That doesn’t seem to quite address someone who has not been problematic, but would like their account deleted. I would be interested in that option – but being deleted at one’s own request should not be the same as being “banned” or having one’s history assigned to an anonymous user.