Deleting old stickies?

Hello, Moderators,

Thank you for all you do. I’m sure it isn’t easy.

I am asking if we can delete old stickies for threads that haven’t been accessed in a while – examples, the stickies in Off Topic. These three threads are the first ones to show up in the abbreviated menus of all posts in Off Topic, simply because they are stickies. But they haven’t been accessed or added to in a year or more.

Thus, they provide no new information, and mask other information (i.e., the actually active threads in that subforum).

I don’t know if it’s possible, but maybe each sub forum that needs it could have a sub sub forum of stickies, so any number of stickied postings would be available, and visible in terms of “new posts” but wouldn’t mask all the other active threads?

Not to create more work for you. It is easy enough to delve into the sub forum to find out what’s new. But folks accessing on phones may find that a data hog they don’t indulge in often?

Thank you for your consideration.

You can actually “unpin” pinned threads in any forum on your own, so you can customize which of those threads stay at the top for you. Click on the pin icon by the thread title.



Thank you! I did not know that.

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if one is to scroll to bottom of a thread just change its status to Muted, simple quick easy