DeNiro Boot advice

I got a pair of the DeNiro S3312 (love) but the 37 is very snug across the top of the foot. The 38 however slips a little at the back. Anyone else deal with this? I’m debating do I get the 37 and hope they stretch or get the 38 and add insoles or something?

Did you end up getting these boots? How are they holding up? Are you happy with them? Thx!

I just ordered semi-custom boots from them and the foot size is the only thing that’s off the rack in sizing. I noticed that too when I was trying on boots for sizing and the fitter told me I could take the insole out of the smaller size for a while to allow the boot to stretch across the top of my foot and add it back in later. She said the boots would definitely stretch some and I like tight footed boots so I went with the snugger size. Also, they haven’t some in yet but I sure can’t wait for them to!

I didn’t think of doing that! The ones I tried on yesterday fit great, but I was worried about them stretching and getting too big. Maybe I will go back and try one size smaller and see how snug they are. I cannot afford custom ones, and the off-the-shelf ones are $400. A little more than I was wanting to spend, but I think it’s worth the little bit extra. Enjoy your new boots!!

Mine were tight when they came (they were custom) but I knew if I waited it out, they would stretch as they became broken in. I had blisters on my heel for a while (gel socks helped with that) . And that is exactly what has happened - they stretched enough that they are now Very comfortable