DeNiro Tricolore Field Boot

Any experience with how much they drop? I just got them on clearance from Smartpak and they fit surprisingly well right out of the box - maybe too well because they are not uncomfortably high in the back of my knee now so I am worried if they drop a ton they will be too short.

I bought the same ones this spring and had the same worry - they they fit too well out of the box. I wore them all summer (4-5 rides/week) and they didn’t stretch or drop too much for me. Still fit snugly (in a good way) before I packed them away for next show season.

I just bought a clearance pair of these from Smartpak to replace my very well loved Parlanti’s that needed extensive repairs to be wearable. They should arrive today. I was between the L and XL calf, but got the XL since that’s what was available in my boot size. Fingers crossed they fit!

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I use these as my schooling boots (3-5x/week riding), and they haven’t dropped much! They are great boots.

Let us know how they fit! Same for me - the calf and heights available in my foot size measured just about perfectly for me. I think the foot size is a bit generous. I should have read that there is a stretch panel along the back, which I don’t love the look of. Maybe I’m too old school.

I have these, and I really love them. As far as drop, I wouldn’t say they dropped a significant amount. They dug in a little bit when I got them, nothing crazy and they’re perfect now.

IMO the calf does stretch quite a bit though. When I got them, I could barely wear them for 5 minutes before feeling my pulse in my calves - the first few times I rode I was half concerned I was doing damage. They now zip up quite comfortably, if even feeling just a hair loose on days where I’m wearing thinner outfits.

Lovely boot and I’m very happy with them so far!

Mine didn’t drop much in initial break-in, but the calf stretched a ton over the next few months and then they ended up too short. If the calf is on the snug to painful side fresh out of the box, you’re probably good.

I got my boots yesterday and the got the A (tall height) and it is perfect. However, the boots zip up very easily and I have some concerns they’ll be way too big once they’re broken in. I got them with the Labor Day promotion and only paid $255. So if really pains me to consider sending them back. The Parlantis I am replacing are my schooling boots and I like them because I can wear my regular breeches, but there’s also room for extra socks or thicker tights for cooler weather. My other boots are Ego7’s and I do really like them, but there’s absolutely no chance of wearing anything extra under them.

For only $255 I would take the chance on them…that’s my plan anyway. 2 out of 3 did say they did stretch quite a bit in the calves though so I could be in the same boat (boot? haha). I am thinking that since we have a great boot repair shop nearby that if the boots stretch too much that I could have them take out that stretch panel I don’t really like anyway.

I ended up returning them. We have one local shoe repair place and they can be a little persnickety, so I didn’t want to risk having them taken in later. I ended up ordering from equiport in the UK. Even with the 65 GBP shipping, total cost was only $327 USD. So for $50 more, I feel better about hopefully not having to pay for modifications later on. The foot is also sized pretty generously, so I ordered a 38 for the new pair.