Dental surgery

I had a tooth removed last tuesday after it fractured and developed an abcess (on New years eve of course) The tooth, however had no intention of leaving my head and he had to break out the saw to get it out. I had a post put in for a future implant, and while that seems to have the appropriate amount pain and swelling, my chin and lips are still numb. Its so awkward and unexpected. I got out the google and apparently this is a known complication of difficult extractions, and could last a week up to forever.
Anyone else had that experience? How long sis it last? Eating and drinking are still, well, interesting lol.

Not an uncommon complication. That is why it is always included in the informed consent document. It may be permanent. But if you have tingling rather than total numbness would be a positive sign.

ugh! He went over a lot of complications with me but not this one. I have had many root canals and extractions and never had this happen. Thankfully there is some tingling so maybe there is hope. I guess one just gets used to it if its permanent :scream: